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Premiere: Gidon Schocken - Show Me The Way (feat. Filippo Fabbri, Tahel & Ori Lichtik)

Life is fragile...
cc Zakie Mashiah

cc Zakie Mashiah

Today, Magnetic brings you a fresh and vibrant premiere from Tel Aviv-based artist Gidon Schocken. Every now and then, a record comes across our desk that really stands out, this being one of them. There's a lot going on, with so many influences melding together to create a track that's hard to pinpoint or even describe. Perhaps he says it best: 

The track is about the fragility of life, how death can be so sudden and abrupt and how sometimes there's no time to truly say goodbye to a loved one. I’d met up with a good friend for dinner who had told me of a family member’s sudden passing. A few hours later I got back home, worked on the track and added the main synth that comes in around the middle that set the tone for the rest of the song.”

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Show Me The Way (feat. Filippo Fabbri, Tahel & Ori Lichtik) is available October 4th.

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