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Label Eat My Beat are constantly pushing out quality music and content, month in month out. From their debut release, which was a 3 track vinyl with Hypho (2017), to the highly anticipated release from W.Zwhich a number of heavy hitting artists featured on. The label can do no wrong in my eyes and I'm eagerly awaiting their next musical venture. We were given the chance to premiere Phossa's remix of Kodama's track "Two Things" took from Kodama's debut release on EMB (EMB014). You can listen to the remix below.

EMB014 artwork

EMB014 artwork

Premiere: Kodama - Two Things (Phossa Remix)

Phossa has put together an excellent remix here. He’s completely switched up the track and put his own unique twist on it. For instance on the OG track "Two Things," the emphasis is on a dark, growling sub bass, and that is where you attention is drawn too. However on the remix, Phossa has switched it up so the main attraction is the glitchy keys that escalate up and down as the track progresses. He’s changed the whole feel of the original production into a much more dreamlike track. Wicked remix from the don Phossa.

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The entire release is out 25/10/19 via all online digital retailers + Bandcamp etc. 

Make sure you cop it!

Out to the EMB family as always.

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