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Premiere: Misanthrop Announces New Album 'Analog' With Tantalizing First Single "Deus"

"Deus" is the first single from music producer Misanthrop’s forthcoming LP 'Analog' that is sure to turn some heads.
Misanthrop Self-Portrait

With a new album Analog on Neosignal dropping this November, the first track from Misanthrop’s LP titled "Deus" is out tomorrow, and has certainly set expectations high.

“Deus” offers a curious introduction, slowly layering sounds and building suspense with graceful intention. Perhaps not instantly recognizable as Misanthrop, the track shows great promise as the producer experiments with new sounds and styles, clearly manifested in this first single. Delivering intricate, dark, and pensive vibes, this tantalizing first taste of the album has us craving more.

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What makes the entire Analog project stand out is, as the name might suggest, Misanthrop has spent countless hours sampling and creating every noise from scratch, meaning no downloaded sample packs or midi melodies – every single sound you can hear has been crafted by the man himself, a true labour of love.

“Deus” specifically delivers such intriguing depth, defying the traditional neurofunk classification with something incredibly refreshing and creative. Haunting yet elegant, foreboding yet funky, the track possesses an eerie charm right from the start that is as captivating as it is catchy.

Listen to the single exclusively on Magnetic Mag ahead of its release tomorrow on Misanthrop’s own Neosignal Records. Analog will be released on November 8.

Pre-order "Deus" now.

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