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Premiere: Nora En Pure Shares "Epiphany" From 'Homebound' EP

Nora En Pure is set to release a new three-track EP tomorrow, October 25.
Nora En Pure

The unstoppable Nora En Pure has continued her remarkable rise in popularity, headlining festivals, putting out big releases and playing some big rooms around the world. A big part of that is her magnetism when playing live, but also a growing discography of quality music that blends subtle deep house with progressive melodies. After a busy summer, she is looking to extend that into the fall and has a new EP titled Homebound. We are happy to premiere the last and most energetic song on the project, “Epiphany.”

The song starts with the soft piano and light percussion that has been a mainstay in her music with some flickering nature sounds in the background. However, it evolves into something much different quickly. A storming horn sound takes control of the song before ceding some ground to a fluttering arp, a deep bassline and atmospheric pads in the break. It starts to build back up before the horns come back and grab hold of “Epiphany,” like you have had one yourself on how to fix your life.

“‘Epiphany’ is a powerful piece for which I got inspired by some of this summer's tracks that I played and heard at festivals or even sounds that I played with in earlier productions some years ago. I'm happy the crowds love it as much as I do,” explains Nora En Pure.

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The entire EP channels the feel of her going back to her birthplace South Africa after many months on the road.

“The Homebound EP for me was the answer to ‘Birthright.' That track got such a strong feedback, embodying the NEP sound so well, that I was looking to do something that would follow along those lines. Once I had a demo of the title track 'Homebound,' it strongly reminded me of a place you are longing for or that is home to you - or in my case what South Africa means to me. Given that I am finally going back there this November, the title felt right.”

The three-track Homebound EP will be released tomorrow, October 25 via Enormous Tunes.

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