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Premiere: Soul Bandit - HELLBOUND

The Queen of Ghoul Pop, Soul Bandit, is back with another Halloween release.
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Los Angeles Ghoul Pop creator, Soul Bandit has just released a new single on the holiday that has always given extraordinary power to her music. Her new track titled, “HELLBOUND” is a twist of house, funk, and grunge that well represents her classic style while showcasing a more forward-thinking sound. It’s been exactly one year from her previous Halloween release titled, “THE ONE” and her progression as an artist is apparent in the variance that "HELLBOUND" displays.

No stranger to creating her own path, Soul Bandit has dubbed this fusion of genres as, "Industrial Phantomfunk." When asked about her thought process in creating the song Soul Bandit said,

“For Halloween this year I really wanted to make a dark, glitchy, distorted dance track that featured as many of my circuit bent synths as possible while still maintaining a somewhat fun and funky feel to it. So the majority of the sounds you hear are totally unique and come from the circuit bent toys. Lyrically I wanted to keep it lighthearted and cartoonish, so the lyrics 'Hey girl hey, are you from heaven? 1-10 you're an 11! From the sky straight underground, might be Heaven-sent but I'm Hellbound,' are poking fun at tasteless pickup lines. I had imagined a scenario in which this conversation was being had at a bar or club, and the person on the receiving end became SO irritated, SO appalled, that they became the human embodiment of Satan himself.”
- Soul Bandit

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The perfect balance between funky, fun, dark, and distorted is what really makes this a special listen. For those who aren’t in the know about circuit bent toys, they are essentially children's toys modified into synthesizers. Soul Bandit brings a new meaning to holiday music and sonically embodies Halloween in a way that really enhances the holiday’s vibe. Listen to “HELLBOUND” below and be sure to follow her on Instagram here for updates on all things SOUL.

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