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Premiere: ZHA Previews 4 Track EP With Dreamy, Weighty New Production "Father"

These articles will focus on specific EP premieres/reviews for certain artists/labels within the 140 scene and beyond. This one features man like ZHA with 4 very special productions, released via his own imprint NAAN.

For me, ZHA is one of the top tier producers within dubstep and grime, not only is he constantly pushing other peoples music via the 3 labels he runs, (White Peach Records, Fentplates & Yellow Flower), but in-between all of this he manages to produce & put out music of such high quality. This forthcoming instrumental release solidify's that in a very big way. 

NAAN004 Artwork

NAAN004 Artwork

NAAN004 will have four tracks on a heavyweight 12", slipped into a full color outer jacket. Release date is 10/21/19.


A1 - Floating
A2 - Shower
B1 - Father
B2 - Jaan

We were given the chance to premiere the track "Father" which is was one of our favorites from the release.

PREMIERE: ZHA - Father (NAAN004):

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The track "Father" is a masterful production. It's a dreamy, ethereal journey of strings and low sub frequencies. It is a perfect track to slow down any set and give the crowd time to breath, yet it still gives off that feeling of weight and enormity. The sound design ZHA uses really resonates with me and it's tunes like this that I properly connect with.

Zha - Floating (NAAN004):

This one's a set opener, for sure. A slow, sluggish, beat chimes up to begin with, drawing you into the track slowly, giving you the impression this is going to be a mellow production, however it progresses and evolves into an absolute stomper, blowing away the calmness that the intro echoed. This track has a certain swagger to it that you really cannot knock.   

ZHA - Shower (NAAN004):

Now this track is a stark contrast to the rest of the release. With its quick grimey, almost 2-step approach in the intro, it feels like the production was built for an emcee to vocal. Emcees thrive off urgency and this track is engulfed in it. The chopped up vocal samples scattered throughout the breakdowns really add to the speed of the track in a very clever way. The drop comes aggressively incorporating a heavy sub-bass, and some low, gully strings. Straight up shower man business from ZHA.

ZHA - Jaan (NAAN004):

"Jaan" is another deep, methodical cut from ZHA. It feels as if its on the same kind of wave as the track "Father," but gives off the feeling that it's a much more delicate production. The strumming of chords & strings at various points throughout the track make it sound almost Middle Eastern. I really love ZHA's use of vocal samples in his productions. They add yet another layer to his already clinical productions.

This entire release is really special, atmospheric sound design at its best. Make sure you pre-order the release here and don't forget to check out what ZHA is up to musically here.

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