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Review: G Pen Connect Pocket-Sized Bong Adapter

We review the G Pen Connect to see how it can change your bong into a dabbing e-rig.
G Pen Connect Case

The G Pen connect is a pocket-sized adapter that turns any bong or traditional dab rig with a glass on glass connection into an instant e-rig, delivering tasty dabs in a small, easy to clean package priced at $149.00.

When the review unit arrived, I thought the folks at Grenco Science must have gone back in time to 2012 and raided my imagination to get the blueprints for this new dabbing device, the G Pen Connect.

Are you like me? Did you discover the joys of dabbing before your bong-hitting group of friends? Are you excited to share your appreciation for finely-crafted hash rosin with your crew, but are stymied without the right affordable, portable hardware to make it happen? Sure, the Peak and the Oura are great options to throw in your backpack, but they aren’t exactly tiny – and they can break the bank for many of us at their near-$400.00 price points.

The unit comes in a 4.5” x 6” black hemp zippered travel case that easily fits in any backpack or medium-sized purse. The three main components (battery, housing, and 14mm male adapter) are safely nested in sturdy foam on the right-hand side of the travel kit, while a micro-USB charging cable and some extra rubber rings live in the little pocket on the other side of the case. You can also buy 18mm and 10mm male glass on glass adapters for $17.00 each (sold-separately here).

G Pen Connect Case

Using this thing is a breeze. There are three temperature settings to scroll through by triple-clicking the one button on the battery: low (blue), medium (green), and high (red). Once you’ve dialed-in your preferred temperature, just cold-load a dab onto the little ceramic plate, cap it with the magnetic top, connect it to your glass, magnetically attach the battery to the side of the housing, and double-click the button to heat it up. This thing is quick – the button flashes for the five seconds it takes to heat up your dab. When the flashing stops, it’s ready to rip.

And boy, does this thing allow for some pretty big rips! My other dab rigs work best when I sip slowly on them, strong pulls tending to suck my precious material out of the heating chamber and into the vapor path. The Connect is engineered with what Grenco Science calls “reverse airflow technology.” I couldn’t tell you exactly how they do it, but I can take massive bong rip-style dab hits with this thing – and, though I may not always want to approach a special concentrate this way, power hits do have their place. Luckily, the Connect works well while pulling more gently through it too.

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G Pen Connect On Bong

The small spring-loaded button on the side of the housing serves as a carb-release – pressing it allows air to enter your piece so you can clear the hit without having to slide the entire device out of the down-stem.

I’ve spent the last week with this device and have taken dozens of dabs with it. I’ve also cleaned it twice now by disassembling the housing, soaking the three parts in ISO for an hour, and letting them thoroughly dry before reassembling. The ceramic plate is a little off-color now, and it looks like it may have acquired a hairline fracture, but so far that hasn’t taken anything away from its functionality. The device comes with a one-year warranty, so hopefully they will replace the part if the ceramic plate ever completely cracks.

This device will not connect to old-school bongs without a glass on glass connector – I tried by adding a rubber ring to the glass adapter, but it just wouldn’t make a good seal. If this is an issue for you, Grenco also offers a Connect and Rig bundle for $300.

The user manual is sparse - and hidden, printed on the inside of the packaging. And though there are plenty of YouTube tutorials just a few clicks away, I was disappointed not to find cleaning or warranty information packaged with the device.

This is a great entry level e-rig for flower enthusiasts just dipping their toes into the world of concentrates as it will easily connect to their existing pieces and preclude the need to ever invite a butane torch into their worlds. The Connect will feel equally at home in the concentrate hobbyist’s arsenal, especially when on the go.

G Pen Connect Size

The G Pen Connect’s relatively tiny footprint, ease of use, and approachable price-point make it a welcome addition to the dabbing marketplace that will surely make fine cannabis concentrates even more accessible.

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