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Review: Gesaffelstein Pulls No Punches On Surprise New EP 'NOVO SONIC SYSTEM'

Gesaffelstein is not playing around with this new EP. This brings a new touch to his old, darker techno.

Like a bat out of hell, Gesaffelstein yesterday teased what looked to be a new EP and today he dropped it. Titled NOVO SONIC SYSTEM (why is everyone going all caps these day??), this is some fuel for those who want the dark and heavy techno. If you were someone who was a little disappointed with Hyperion or one of the many FB commenters ready to cancel his ass over “going mainstream,” then this should endear you back to the Frenchman.

This EP was made to be played loud and on proper speakers. It is only 16 minutes, but it packs a big punch over that time.

The EP jumps out of the gate with the frenetic “ORCK” that feels like 70’s punk meets French electro.

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The French electro influence is maybe no better found than on “IGNIO” where the rising, whirring white noise calls back to Daft Punk’s classic “Rollin’ & Scratchin,’ but for less long.

“DOOM” feels a like it would sit right at home on Aleph, with a similar sound and melody as his iconic record “Pursuit.”

The six-tracker closes out with the mammoth “METALOTRONICS” that brings together hard electro, rock and his own relentless brand of techno. If you are feeling a little tired this morning, throw on this EP and track to get right in the game.

Gesaffelstein fans have been clamoring for more instrumental music from the Frenchman in the wake of his The Weeknd collaborations and the various tracks on Hyperion that work with pop stars from around the world. While he still brought some of his uncompromising techno to that project, this EP is the sort of relentless music you expect from him. With French electro, dark techno and a hint of punk and rock all molded into this EP, there is a lot for him and other DJs to work with. 

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