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The Director's Cut: Timmo - Starlight [Terminal M]

Go behind the scenes with Timmo's debut album
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Over the past few years, Timmo has been securing his place in the techno elite with countless successful records on the genre's top labels. Perhaps his biggest record, Violet, in collaboration with Monika Kruse, foreshadowed his next step with the label, his debut LP Starlight. To help celebrate this monumental moment for the artist, we sat down with him to go behind the scenes of the album for a new edition of Director's Cut. 

Album artwork

How it works: Click play on the album, and follow along with the notes provided below to get a full understanding of the creative process behind each track. 

Leaving Earth - Starting the journey, I wanted to build a lot of tension to the intro track, trying to recreate the feeling of going into space. I’ve also used a palette of different sounds, which you can hear throughout the entire album.

New Beginning - This track represents the new chapter in my life. 3 years ago I was not in the best moment, having to deal with anxiety and depression. This was when I decided to get a dog, and Bella is the most beautiful thing to ever happen to me. She completely changed my life and taught me to appreciate every moment of it

Solar - With ‘Solar’ I wanted to experiment and go a bit further in terms of melody and progression, while still keeping my groove on. I’m happy that this track works every time I play it.

Belle Epoque - You might notice that this one was inspired by Vitalic. ‘Belle Epoque’ shows a more soft-touch from me and it’s a bit more gentle than my normal stuff.

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Starlight - This is the title track. The synths here are very experimental. The arp is off-beat with completely different bpm than the track, which gives these electric sorts of ‘glitches’.

Sonic Voyage - The story behind this one is actually very interesting for me. A few years ago I wanted to produce a more proggy-trance track, but it didn’t quite work, as I couldn't make a proper beat or sound design for the main melody. So I saved the midi file for later and just months ago I remembered about it. I found the midi and did the track… Finally!

Vortex -For ‘Vortex’ I went to a friend of mine and literally took his SH-101 to my home. I ended up with a few unfinished ideas and ‘Vortex' in full swing!

Spacefreaks - That’s the darkest and most energetic track from the album. I’ve never done this kind of raw straight-forward acid techno, so I wanted some of that for the album!

Rhythm X - Actually I did two tracks like this. Rhythm X is the second one, and it arrives right after Spacefreaks.

Connect - This is the oldest track of the album. I did it in April 2018 and have been playing it ever since. It’s the only track inside the album, for which I didn’t use any analog synthesizers.

Interspace - I think it’s my most favorite melody I’ve ever done. The whole track is built around the main synth and I love to close my sets with it. 

Grab your copy of Timmo's debut album Starlight here.

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