The Director's Cut: Tinlicker - This Is Not Our Universe

Tinlicker break down their new album 'This Is Not Our Universe' out now on Anjunabeats.
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Dutch trance and progressive house duo Jordi van Achthoven and Micha Heyboer, professionally known Tinlicker started their journey in 2012 and have grown into being one of the most prolific and important pieces of the Anjunabeats / Anjunadeep family. Having released on both of Above & Beyond’s labels, in addition to others like Armada and mau5trap, they craft a musical world that can quickly mold into deeper, melodic house music and then some bigger, slowed trance. They released their debut album This Is Not Our Universe this past Friday, September 27, which features a remix of alt-J and a slew of vocal features. The album moves with a stylish fluidity between soaring trance records and smooth, melodic house music that could find its own home on either label.

With the album out and starting to permeate among their fans, we asked Tinlicker to drop in for a Director’s Cut feature. They explain the creative origins of their debut album and how it is deals with diversity. “Many albums do have the same character but differ from each other. A nice reflection of how we are as people,” they explain.

Listen to the album as you read on and go deep into how this album was created. Pick up a copy here.

In general:
This is actually our first album. Our characters are quite different. The album is the result of those two different characters and the tension that arises in the search for the balance between the two of us. It is, as it were, a collection of ingredients in which we show that we are happy with the differences between them. The album also has to do with diversity. Many albums do have the same character but differ from each other. A nice reflection of how we are as people.

Bird Feeder
This track was created when we spent a week in a house on the island of Terschelling to work on our album. The cottage is fairly remote and it felt a bit deserted. While creating the track we had all kinds of birds on the terrace, which was super fun and we let them eat from our hands.

Breezeblocks (ft. alt-J)
We are both fans of alt-J. We came up with the idea of creating a completely different and unique vibe from the original. We are also very happy that alt-J themselves thinks it's a nice version.

The Whale
“The Whale” was partly created in the studio in Utrecht, but the track was also completed on Terschelling. Terschelling is an island where you have to go on a two-hour boat trip to reach it. Once there you will be embraced by the remote feeling. The sonar sound in conjunction with the fact that you are surrounded by water reinforces this. "The Whale" is also one of the nicest bars on the island. So the name.

Vanishing (ft. Run Rivers)
The first track we tried to make with Chris just didn't want to succeed and then suddenly out of the blue this gem appeared. The power of almost giving up, but persevering.

The Walk
If you sit a lot as we do in the studio, it is also important to keep moving. We both walked a lot from our house to the studio (45 minutes) and then we both walked on firmly. “The Walk” is such a record that you end up in a kind of hypnosis and keep walking until you reach your destination, and in our case, that was the studio.

Cause I
“Cause I” belongs to “Need You.” It is actually the introduction of “Need You.” It is inspired by the many ambient tracks that we have listened to and still listen to.

Need You (ft. Thomas Oliver)
We have worked with Thomas Oliver in the past (“Soon You’ll Be Gone,” “Nothing Without You”) and we definitely wanted another track in collaboration with him on our album. This tune has a very nice feel-good vibe for us and that is mainly due to Thomas' vocals. We have tried to get the instrumental part as appropriate as possible around it.

For the attentive listener, this track has a keynote with different melodies around it. The album, therefore, seems to have a kind of infinite sense of detail. That is why the track is called “Fractal.”

Lost (ft. Run Rivers)
In creating the album you come to a point that you are still missing a piece and you do not know exactly what you are missing. Lost was found in that search.

Lullaby (ft. Helsloot)
With our friend Thomas Helsloot we made “Because You Move Me” a while back. The album won't be complete without him begin part of it. That is why the three of us went back into the studio to continue the fairy tale.

Close Your Eyes (ft. Belle Doron)
Belle is a great singer and we love her Roisin Murphy-like voice. She also knows very well what we want and vice versa.

The feeling that your cat has run away, but fortunately, it comes back.

When The Light Fades
Cherish what you have.

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