Aikon is the new musical project by Nekliff -- the man with previous releases on Natura Viva, Beatfreak, Voltaire, and Dear Deer. Hailing from Ukraine, you can easily expect some dark vibes from the versatile producer. French imprint Sweet Musique is showcasing Aikon’s very first release. The EP titled Luanda features three nice tunes. It all starts with "Luanda," an afro-house groove paired with a trippy melody, the drums take you to a very far away place with piano riffs topped by some flute notes.

"Cheetah" goes more on the deep house end with some uplifting synths and a dark bass line. It’s mental but also progressive, with perhaps a touch of techno to it. 

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"Chant" is the smoother of the three tracks. It features a marimba, clearly the artist’s favorite instrument since we can hear it on all 3 songs of the EP. The break builds up nicely and the drop is delivered with finesse. Aikon works out really well his magic here with his Luanda EP. Good DJs take you on a journey, and Ukrainian Aikon is showing good skills in the task.

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