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Watch A New Documentary On Social Media's Impact On Dance Music With Carl Cox, Danny Howard, Annie Mac

Pioneer DJ has released this documentary examining how social media has changed the dancefloor.

Pioneer DJ has released a new documentary about the impact of social media on DJs and the dancefloor. It features a whole host of people in the business with managers, DJs and even Buddhist monks explaining our addiction to social media.

The common thread throughout the documentary is Danny Howard who goes on a seven day social media detox during a busy week of summer gigs, including his birthday.

The documentary examines how the dancefloor has changed over the past twenty or more years. Mark Lawrence puts it best that from ’85 to 95, no one would want to have photos taken of them, on a dark and sweaty dance floor, let alone shared. Now everyone has to look Instagram friendly at all times.

Others like Annie Mac and Carl Cox note how distracting it can be to see your crowd always taking videos and pictures on their phone, or even getting physically interrupted by them. Now everything has to be Instagram friendly. As one person put it, a party now is like if the tree fell in the forest and no one was there to capture the moment, did it really happen?

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There are mental health experts who explain the addictive qualities of social media how notifications and likes give our body endorphins.

However, not everyone is so down on social media. The most supportive comes from journalist Ben Lefsetz who says that “any direct interaction with your fans is a good thing. Those who say otherwise are living in the past.” Another notes that social media is a massive marketing machine at your fingertips without the traditional avenue of paying for publicity.

However there is another dark side with gigs being based on numbers instead of talent.

Watch the full documentary now.

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