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Where do the months go? It's hard to believe October has already come and gone, and while we're already well into November, we can't overlook the amazing music that was released last month. Indie Discotheque is here to help you discover the greatest indie and alternative dance songs, so let's dive in and find something new!

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1. Benny Sings - Late at Night (Moods Remix)

I really enjoy this light and airy version of "Late at Night," remixed by Moods. At its core, there is a true seriousness about the relationship status and play going on, but the remix really brings out the playfulness of the track in a way that makes you want to simply get down and groove with it.

2. Abbie Ozard - Numb

There aren’t enough songs that have “do do do do” as a major part of their arrangement. The guitar work in this track is smooth and the percussion subdued. I love the simplicity of this song and how it is structured with parallel guitar and vocal. It’s familiar but simultaneously engaging.

3. Cherry Glazerr - Call Me feat. Portugal. The Man

It’s upbeat and real, a dance-rock track with serious groove and a secret message worth making the call for. Backing vocals and noticeable input from Portugal. The Man makes for a fantastic collaboration. The bass guitar is the real driver of this track. Cherry Glazerr, will you call me, call me up?

4. Wolf Parade - Against the Day

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to Wolf Parade, so it was a great pleasure to hear this new electro-rock jam from Wolf Parade. It’s the vocals in this one, conjuring up tones and elements of Peter Murphy’s classics in compliment with the guitar and synth textures presented here.

5. Green Sahara - Creature of the Night

This is the kind of dance-rock I wish there was more of. Simple, muffled drum machine, individual compression effects on pretty much everything, but still finding a way to make that maraca shake sound clear and crisp. I love the synth textures throughout the track, too.

6. Sex Machine Octopus - I Know

A tempo that conveys urgency and stress. A vocal presentation that keeps the tension at the forefront. A musical representation of getting eaten alive, not literally, but very much figuratively, with guitar and cymbal crashes that grind and beat and smash. He knows. That’s the first step.

7. Sleater-Kinney - Animal

Sleater-Kinney has done it again this month with "Animal," a track that brings the vocal to the forefront, over a simple but effective rock and roll backdrop. The distortion in the track combined with the percussion is just right, with a punk attitude that makes it clear who the animal is.

8. Little India - Diamonds

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This month’s great indie-pop track goes to Little India with their song, "Diamonds." Sure, we’ve heard this song before in other forms from other artists, but the playfulness of the track and the genuine outreach of running away and losing track of things is something hard to grow tired of.

9. Manics - Make Out Room

I want to be in a make-out room with this grooving jam by Manics playing, but lyrically the "Make Out Room" is a bit more complicated than that. It’s a raging discussion about lashing out, being jaded, people changing, and all of that. But you can always make out after your frustrations are vented.

10. Diiv - The Spark

Such a classic sounding jam from Diiv, with a mood that is up in the clouds filled with absolutely gorgeous guitar work. The strumming aligned with the softness in the vocals is simply sonic bliss, a spark of inspiration and wonder. Light some candles and enjoy this one in serenity.

11. Rosegarden Funeral Party - Once in a While

Tying into the mood set by Diiv, this track from Rosegarden Funeral Party keeps the sound firmly set within the palette of classic alternative dance. The singing in this track is filled with passion, and I love the layer upon layer of guitar work over the foundation of the percussion.

12. Hundredth - Iridescent

One more alternative dance track this month. It’s not often we are graced with such a selection of great music in this style, all massive in their treatment of guitars but so different vocally. Hundredth takes more of a smoky approach to their style and works into the song wonderfully.

13. Parachuter - Chemistry

We’ve come down from our heavenly high and we’re making our way back to the ground with a synthetic bassline laid over a track of simplistic acoustic percussion. Vocally we’re still in the air, with falsetto vox that make a great contrast in our quest for some great indie dance chemistry.

14. Max White - I Don’t Need You

Max White might not need you, but we need the music of Max White. This is one of those standout tracks for the month, with a danceable groove and a production style that lets you hear the clarity of every voice and instrument in the piece.

15. Final Body - Devil

We’ve got to close out the month with a bang, bringing you this absolute jam from Final Body. Deep, commanding vocals and a dance-punk beat that will have you thrashing out on the floor.

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