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Album Review: Bella Boo - Once Upon A Passion

Bella Boo shows she is here to stay with her new album 'Once Upon A Passion.'
Bella Boo Once Upon A Passion

Swedish DJ and producer Bella Boo is a name that is quickly gaining momentum with a lot of buzz online. This has been brewing for some time, but it is really coming to the fore with her album Once Upon A Passion, out now.

At nine tracks, the album feels concise and focused without getting lost in overly dramatic flourishes. In that time though, the album does manage to cover a lot of ground sonically. It is centered on deep house bass lines, but adds soul, pop and a bit of jazz that keep the album interesting.

“Hotel Europa” with Gnučči starts out jazzy and gets more dancefloor friendly but then provides a weird contrast with a low rumbling bassline. “Your Girlfriend” takes a very different turn, diving into the life of dating a man who has a girlfriend. Boo coos about being the sidepiece, but someone who has an important and somehow isolated relationship with its own memories and fun. There may be a bit of delusion that you are the most important as the other girl, but acknowledges that it is built on lies told to everyone.

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It then settles down with the soft almost interlude-like “Stars” with synths warping around themselves, almost meowing at the listener. That chilled out feeling continues into the aptly titled “Way Chill” featuring Def Sound.

The opening section of the album leans heavily on jazz with drumbeats and horns flaring up in the background. That returns with “Do The Right Thing” featuring Axel Boman that then slows down into a hypnotic track with a touch of acid giving it a little extra bite. That hint of acid is amplified on the final track “Flightmode” for one of the more dancefloor friendly songs on the record.

Bella Boo shows with this album that the hype has been deserved. It is an excellent debut from an artist still coming into her own and finding the right sound. It skirts the line between sturdy dancefloor-friendly deep house with dreamy melodies and synths. Bella Boo seems like someone who is here to stay.

Listen to Once Upon A Passion now and get your copy here.

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