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Album Review: Clams Casino - Moon Trip Radio

Go to the moon with this spacey and detailed new album from Clams Casino.
Clams Casino

Clams Casino has released his new album Moon Trip Radio. A seminal figure in New York and cloud rap over the past decade, Clams Casino has carved out a path that blends together vibey, deep hip-hop beats and a touch of psychedelica, which attracts listeners to something a little more melodic and different. While he often featured as a producer on other’s work, he has grown into a solo artist over the past several years, releasing beat tapes and now two official albums.

Following up 2016’s 32 Levels, Moon Trip Radio is a different arena for Clams Casino. Completely instrumental, he has to create an album where each of the beats is complete on its own and doesn’t have that feeling where a rapper would make it much better.

Fans are invited in with the first “Rune” and its soaring melody and echoing snares underneath some cymbal crashes that all sounds very organic.

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The record progresses into more melodic songs like “Cupodwing," the soft and experimental “Glowing Bones” or even the beatless “Twilit.” The album feels mellower as Clams Casino transitions into being a father and the suburban life. The beats are very detailed with disparate elements of deep bass and synth pads that pervade the record. 

At only 30 minutes and 11 songs, it sounds concise and doesn’t flip around wildly like some beat tapes where songs are maximum two minutes. There is a soothing darkness that emulates like a storm's heavy grey clouds on the horizon slowly moving towards you. When trips to the moon become a part of normal travel, this is the type of music you will hear.

Moon Trip Radio comes with a trippy visualizer made by Czech-American art director Marielle Tepper. The visualizer uses special software created by Prague based computational artist Jakub Valtar. It leans on a photogrammetry process to create 3D models, after which Tepper synchronized the imagery with Clams' soundtrack and added color to the album's visual accompaniment.

For the best experience, watch it on the visual playlist below, but the pure listening experience is still a wonderful dive. Stream or buy the record here.

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