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Album Review: COMA - 'Voyage Voyage'

COMA deliver a hazy escapism that we all need right now.

German duo Georg Conrad and Marius Bubat, better known as COMA, have released their new album Voyage Voyage. Following their 2013 debut In Technicolor and 2015’s This Side of Paradise, the group has switched to City Slang to release their new LP.

The album was shaped by a series of important and traumatic events in their lives, including the loss of a parent and the birth of a child. It blurs the line between indie rock and club-oriented electronic music, often oscillating between the two during songs and between individual tracks on Voyage Voyage.

“We have definitely been inspired by the energy of club music,” explains Marius Bubat. That club spirit is felt immediately on the first song “Snurrebassen,” which brings strong French electro influences to their own production.

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There is an organic feel on the album. “We set the kit up in the studio with microphones so that we can always record real drums,” explains Bubat. "The drums always feel lively and punchy, while they go head first into indie rock on the album closer '{...}.'”

“Sparkle” could be taken from an 80’s computer TV show with fluttering synths and delicate pads sitting underneath. It is largely instrumental as the group allows the listener to go on a synth-led journey.

The record is grounded in a sort of hazy escapism that allows the listener to become enveloped by murky guitars, poignant synths and murky, yet personal vocals. “Making music is a kind of escapism, it puts you in a different world where you forget everything around you,” explains Georg Conrad.

That sort of escapism is what fans should expect on this album. It blends together indie rock, 80’s synthwave and a bit of French electro in an organic sound that spans the decades. Stream the album below and get your copy here

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