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Album Review: Galcher Lustwerk - Information

Galcher Lustwerk delivers some of his best work yet with 'Information.'
Galcher Lustwerk Information

Galcher Lustwerk has released his new album Information via Ghostly International.

The Cleveland, Ohio native, but Brooklyn-based producer has come a long way this decade. He first broke through with 100% Galcher in 2013 and has since refined his mesh of deep house and mellowed 80’s hip-house. With Information, he finds the right niche as we end the decade.

The album is music for your bedside, to study to or to put in your headphones as the sun goes down on a sunny winter day. It is vibey, calming and still a kick of energy to keep it interesting and engaging.

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The core of the record is subtle deep house basslines, while Lustwerk coos over the top with a hazy vision of the club and relationships with others. Swirling melodies help create smoke fantasies of the world around him.

The album isn’t entirely subdued and mellow beats – there is a funky bassline on “Bit,” some hard-hitting 808s carry “Fathomless Ire” and the instrumental interlude “Thermonics” plays on some jazzy elements.

Information catches Lustwerk at his best. This sort of calm deep house is becoming more and more popular with the likes of Channel Tres also offering his own take on the sub-genre. The album is top heavy with the songs that may stick around in your playlists the longest, but it does find a nice groove in the middle, carrying it to the end. It is a perfect album for the cold winter months to warm you in a mellow, soothing embrace.

Stream Information now and get your copy (physical and digital) via Ghostly and everywhere else.

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