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Review: Maya Jane Coles Releases Second Nocturnal Sunshine Album 'Full Circle'

Maya Jane Coles embraces the darkness with her new Nocturnal Sunshine album.

Maya Jane Coles has released her second album under her Nocturnal Sunshine alias. The album, Full Circle, is a different artistic version of Maya Jane Coles. Whereas Maya Jane Coles music finds a niche in deep and melodic house music, this Nocturnal Sunshine album runs the gamut of different styles and influences from hip-hop to techno, dark bass music and more.

You know this is a different album right from the start on “Wildfire” as Catnapp comes firing right out of the gate on a heavy hip-hop record. Things ease down a little bit with “Gravity” that combines feels like it could be lifted from a Moderat album.

The hip-hop does not stop with “Possessed” and the single “Pull Up” before it descends into warbling and spooky bass on “Ridin’ Solo” as Gangsta Boo takes on the snitches of the world.

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The various vocalists (predominantly women, which is great to see), offer different perspectives on the world, whether it is going after competition or fighting the trappings of fame, but it is the beats from Coles that helps keep this on a linear, albeit curvy, path. She mixes breakbeats with house, garage and techno, with some dark and rumbling bass to create records that aren’t being heard on an album like this. Even when there isn’t a vocalist, she warps her own vocals and chops up samples to add more depth to her tracks.

Full Circle is another excellent album from Maya Jane Coles, showing off a different side of her production and how good a producer she can be. Stream the LP below to see just how this album warps and evolves without losing its way in different genres. Get your copy here.

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