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Apple Music Launches Replay To Recap Favorite Songs Over The Past year

Now users can see their favorite artists, albums and songs from the past year all in an Apple Music playlist.
Apple Music Replay

Apple Music is looking to compete with Spotify on a new front. The streaming service has launched a new feature Replay that will allow users to see the music they played the most over the entire year.

Apple Music Replay will recap for users their favorite albums, artists and songs from the year. Replay will let listeners create a playlist of their favorite songs and share it online.

This won’t just be for this year or one single year. The music streaming service will allow users to go back to previous years that they were signed up to Apple Music and create playlists from each year.

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Apple Music says it will be rolling this out in 2020 as an ongoing feature. Users will be able to see their favorite songs, artists and albums over the year. The feature will be updated every Sunday, so users will be able to see how their music tastes have evolved over the course of an entire year, week-by-week.

Apple Music users can go to the dedicated website for this This will hopefully compete with Spotify and force them to make Wrapped even better this year and beyond.

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