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Atmosphere Drops New Video For "Bde Maka Ska," Announces 2020 Tour

New visuals and music from the twin cities' finest, Atmosphere,

Legendary conscious hip-hop duo Atmosphere just dropped a brand new single titled, “Bde Maka Ska.” This track comes in full effect with cinematic visuals and the shockwave announcement of their, The Wherever Tour - North America. It’s crazy to think that this is their first new release in over a year since their previous drop of Mi Vida Local. Though the duo has stayed quiet on the music front, their past few months have been filled with performances at a slew of festivals, including their back to back sold out shows in Denver, CO. Atmosphere is back on the rise in classic lyrical fashion.

Directed by Tomas Aksamit, the visuals feature Slug posted on a dock with sweeping shots of Lake Bde Maka Ska in Minneapolis. The title, "Bde Maka Ska," is the lake’s indigenous name, though it is still called Calhoun by some in a weird legal battle. As if there was never a break in the release of Atmosphere, the two came back with their usual unwavering heat. Ant’s production on this is centered on guitar and sprinkled with piano which gives off a rock gospel vibe. With Slug’s clever metaphors, this track easily paints a scene beyond that of the visuals. After a long wait, it’s refreshing to experience the duo kicking out yet another classic which holds true to their roots.

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There's no telling what’s on the horizon for Atmosphere musically. What there is to look forward to is, “The Wherever Tour - North America” which is set to begin in their hometown of Minneapolis on January 13th. This series, the first of which will be at First Avenue, will launch across the US and Canada for over 30 dates! It’s incredibly exciting to see the underground hip-hop group taking the world stage yet again and I’m stoked to hear any new music that’ll be following after “Bde Maka Ska”. Be sure to check out the single below and get tickets to their tour here


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