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Banksy Painted Röyksopp Record Sells For Over $10k On Discogs

There are only 100 of these copies hand-painted by Banksy.
Royksopp Banksy Cover

A rare Banksy-painted Röyksopp record has broken the record for most expensive vinyl record sold on Discogs.

Released in 2002, Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp pressed an ultra-limited edition of their double-LP Melody A.M. and asked artist Banksy to put his personal touch on every copy, hand spray painting each cover of the 100 copies.

They have started to hit the market recently. In May one copy sold for $7,051, while in July another sold for $8,178. Now in September, the latest has gone for $10,256, a stunning nearly 50% increase in price over just five months.

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That wasn’t the only very expensive piece of wax that was sold. The Beatles 7” single for "Love Me Do” sold for $9,220. At number four was the first sale of a rare The Quarrymen record, “In Spite Of All The Danger / That’ll Be The Day.”

The story goes Paul McCartney bought the original acetate and took it to Abbey Road where it was restored. From that, a very small batch of 50-55 copies was made, though there wasn’t a mention of The Quarrymen.

See the full list on the Discogs website.

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