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Bjarki Announces New Album - Premieres New Track 'Coil Opinons'

This is some of his most personal work to date

Today, Icelandic techno-wonder Bjarki has announced his new artist album 'Psychotic_Window'. The follow up to his 'Happy Earthday' in February, Bjarki's new work is actually a collection of tracks that were secretly included in the limited box set edition of Happy Earthday. Bjarki has also premiered a track from the album called Coil Opinons. There is actually a very interesting story behind Psychotic_Windows, which he breaks down here: 

"After ‘Happy Earthday’, people have been asking me about the secret tracks and it made me feel that they deserve a proper release. Each track means a lot to me as I made them during a depressing phase in my life; I was pretty broke, working many shit jobs and also just being super lazy, uninterested in leaving my apartment. Before I started touring, I had these periods where I could write so much music without thinking, pouring my heart out to comfort my thoughts and feelings without trying. I doubt that this kind of window will come back to me anytime soon, my way of music-making has changed a lot after going on tour. At that time, I was listening to a lot of Coil, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti. I think every struggling artist goes through these phases of being sleep deprived, staying up and making music all night. This was my psychotic window.” - Bjarki


Psychotic_Window will be released on December 6th via K7! records. Stream Coil Opinons below. 

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