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EP Review: Alan Braxe - The Ascent

Alan Braxe is back with his first EP in six years and it is a bit different from some of his past work.
Alan Braxe The Ascent EP

Alan Braxe is back on his own. The Stardust member and French touch pioneer has released his first full EP in six years titled The Ascent. He is using the EP as an opportunity to relaunch his label Vulture Music.

At just four tracks, there isn’t a ton of music, but the project largely makes it count with quality. The EP starts with the title track “The Ascent” with a circular synth line that feels like you are stuck in a spinning ship deep out in space. “Words” is the softest of the bunch with a gentle soaring synth line and robotic vocals. “Repeater” is a slow slumper that drags its way to the end before the eventual EP finale “Spacer” takes you back out into space with airy synths and soft pads.

“The new EP aims to explore the concept of ‘less is more.’ I believe that this concept is quite relevant in today’s consuming world. This process is nothing new, as countless musicians have implemented it for decades but in my case, I find this approach to be the best way to be creative and to regain the instinctive interaction between musician and instrument. Containing quiet drum-less tracks and electro-inspired beats,” explains Braxe in a statement.

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If you want vintage French touch, this EP will disappoint you. It is well-crafted electronic music that can subtly hint at the filter disco of the past, but largely looks ahead to new avenues in electronic music. Expect more music form the Frenchman in 2020.

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