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Elkka Envisions More Inclusive Dancefloor On New EP 'Every Body Is Welcome'

Elkka delivers her ode to the dancefloor.

Femme culture founder and London artist on the rise – Elkka has released her new EP Every Body Is Welcome via her label and collective.

The five-track project is an ode to the dancefloor, examining through spoken word sprinkled throughout the project how the dancefloor should be a safe space to express one’s true self. The songs swirl in hypnotic melodies and strong rhythms to mesh together house, acid and a touch of jazz on top.

“For me, the dance floor has been a place where I have felt the most liberated, the most myself, unified with friends and strangers by the music and moment we are sharing. This EP is a celebration of those moments, of the dance floor, of dance music that has inspired me creatively and personally,” explains Elkka. “Every Body Is Welcome symbolizes what I hope the dance floor to be - a music utopia or haven, somewhere for everyone to feel safe to express themselves, to find themselves, to be whoever they want to be and feel part of a community of acceptance and tolerance. Idealistic? Yes but I think art should be a space to express idealism and where we hope to be.”

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The EP spans the summery “Compromise…for What?” to the swirling, late night session “Avant Garde” and the spry and sultry finale “Breathe.” Listeners are welcomed into this space with “Every Body Is Welcome,” a welcoming record with fluttering piano and acid growls.

The project is out now via Femme Culture. Stream it now.

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