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Holiday Gift Guide: Celebrating the Pacific Northwest Craft Beer Scene

A selection of craft beer gifts with a focus on the Pacific Northwest.

This holiday season, you may be called upon to give a gift to someone at work, your family, friends or loved ones. Instead of doing the regular gift buying, consider some craft beer from the Pacific Northwest for a different flavor. 

1. Tavour:

For those looking for a gift that highlights the craft beer culture at it’s finest consider a gift box from Tavour. This company based in Washington State has developed a reputation as a go to place for securing hard-to-find craft beer from not only Washington State and Oregon but also 45 other states. Every beer they sell is a certified independent beer, so consumers know they are getting beer brewed by small producers and artisans. Furthermore, thanks to Tavour’s ongoing relationships with craft brewers, they can access seasonal beers and other unique offerings as soon as they are released.


This holiday season, they are offering a gift boxes that allow one to gift a curated selection of stouts, IPAs, or sour beers, as well as a mixed gift box. Choose from a box containing 8 bottles or up to 16 cans for $99 or a box of 4 bottles or cans for $35. Gift cards are also available for those who would like their recipient to select their own craft beverage of choice via their app for iOS or Android.

Merchandise: Holiday Gifts from Pacific Northwest Breweries

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Another holiday option is to select a gift of beer merchandise. For example, celebrate Seattle based Pike Brewing’s 30th anniversary by purchasing a Pike flannel shirt, Pike beanie, or one of their other signature items. Also, Pfriem Beer based out of Hood River, Oregon offers stylish bottle openers, T-shirts, and signature glasses that can be shipped anywhere, as well as bottles of their signature beers that can be sent to those living in Oregon.


Celebrating with Beer Events:

If the gift recipient will be visiting the Pacific Northwest, consider showering them with tickets to one of the many holiday and post-holiday beer festivals happening in the area. In particular, the Holiday Ale Festival held this year from December 4-8, 2019 features more than 50 breweries and a few ciders to produce exclusive beers for this event. Among the singular offerings include Rev. Nat’s special batch of Oatmeal Cookie Abbey Spice Cider, served warmed, Pfriem Brewing’s Tropical IPA, Ecliptic Brewing’s Pinot Noir Barrel-Aged Ecliptic + Russian River Belgian-Style Hoppy Golden Ale, and Stormbreaker Brewing’s Pretty Fly For a Chai Guy

2018 Holiday Ale Fest

2018 Holiday Ale Fest

For another Portland beer experience, head over to the Oregon Zoo for their third annual BrewLights. Held this year from November 22-23, 2019, this event features a walk through the zoo’s annual Zoo Lights exhibit with the added addition of beer, food carts, live music, a visit from the Unipiper.

Then heading into 2020, check out Pike Chocofest, a tasting-style celebration of craft beverages and food hosted by Pike Brewing Company with proceeds going to support their nonprofit partner Long Live the Kings.

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