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Houdini and Polartec Create New Fleece With 80% Less Microfibers

Microfibers on fleeces get into our water supply and pollutes it.
Houdini and Polartec Fleece Climbing

Sportswear company Houdini has teamed up with thermal fabric clothing brand Polartec to create a new fleece that has 80% less microfibers.

The new fleece is named the Power Air Houdi and is a good step in making clothing more sustainable. With fleeces, the microfibers, tiny particles of synthetic fabrics, come off clothing in the washing machine and ultimately end up as pollutants in water. The Power Air Houdi will have up to 80% less of those microfibers than the average fleece on the market.

With the collaboration, the two companies created a light, airy and warm insulation jacket that you can wear all year round. The fit of the jacket is based on the Iconic Houdini Power Houdi, with a slim fit, a snug high collar hood and extended sleeves with thumb loops. The fabric is breathable for some chilly summer evenings.

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Pick up one of these fleeces in men’s or women’s sizes for $250. 

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