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Hyerdub Announces 15 Year Compilation With Adult Swim Featuring Laurel Halo, Burial

The compilation will be released this Friday via Adult Swim, before going wide the next day.
Hyperdub 15 Year Compilation Adult Swim

Hyperswim cover art

Hyperdub has teamed up with Adult Swim to release a new 19-track digital only compilation titled Hyperswim that features all new music from a myriad of acts on the label. Among those who are contributing new songs are Burial, Dean Blunt, Lee Gamble, Laurel Halo and Fatima Al Qadiri.

The compilation is designed to celebrate 15 years of Hyperdub, taking a snapshot of where the record label is in its 15th year.

The entire compilation will be released on Adult Swim, this Friday November 22 before going wide to all platforms Saturday, November 23.

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The Laurel Halo track “Crush” is available to stream now to get you excited.

1. MHYSA - Games
2. Okzharp and Manthe Ribane - In Your Own Time
3. Ikonika - Primer
4. Proc Fiskal - Devlish River
5. DJ Taye - Inferno
6. DJ Haram - Get it
7. Angel Ho - Chaos
8. Burial - Old Tape
9. Doon Kanda - Perfume
10. Mana - Climbing The Walls
11. Dean Blunt - Darcus
12. Scratcha DVA - Baka
13. Cooly G - Nocturnal
14. Nazar - Unruly
15. Kode9 - Cell3
16. DJ Spinn - Opioids
17. Lee Gamble - Chain 9
18. Laurel Halo - Crush
19. Fatima Al Qadiri - Filth

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