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In Conversation: Cuckoo

"It was powerful stuff..."
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Welcome to In Conversation, the podcast dedicated to giving you an unparalleled look into electronic music's greatest minds, both in the studio and beyond. We deconstruct their daily routines, fears, and quirks, showing you what makes them tick, and what exactly makes them so successful. From artists to managers, agents and promoters, these are the people who make it happen, pushing our community forward.


It's pretty amazing how far technology has come in the past 20 years, especially when it comes to electronic music production and social media. The knowledge that was once reserved for a select few can now be instantly searched for using YouTube, and as a result, common people can and are becoming globally recognized public figures. One such individual is a YouTuber by the name of Cuckoo, who's quirkiness and simplistic approach to making music and tutorials on hardware have created a cult following. I can attest to this, as I personally am a big fan of his work, and have, on several occasions, used his videos to learn how to use my hardware.

Earlier this year at Moogfest, I had a chance to sit with him for an in-depth discussion on everything from how he became such a beloved YouTuber, the moment he discovered he could make a real living off of it, and why giving back to the community is the way to succeed.

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