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In Conversation: Eli Brown

"I didn't really have a plan..."
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Welcome to In Conversation, the podcast dedicated to giving you an unparalleled look into electronic music's greatest minds, both in the studio and beyond. We deconstruct their daily routines, fears, and quirks, showing you what makes them tick, and what exactly makes them so successful. From artists to managers, agents and promoters, these are the people who make it happen, pushing our community forward.

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Over the last couple of years, we've done quite a few artist features and premieres, to say the least. Through all of these features, though, there is perhaps one artist whose name has consistently popped up over and over again- Eli Brown. The consistency doesn't end with us. No, he's become one of the most in-demand artists in house music, and both his tour and release schedules are nothing short of absurd. Pair that with a smash hit collab with Solardo, and you've got a bonafide superstar in the making. From his early days as a successful DNB artist to now releasing on labels like Ultra, Defected, and more, Eli Brown's a true success story. 

At this point, I've said success too many times, but what else is there to say? I had the chance to meet and hang with him after we played EDC earlier this year, and after some chat, we locked in this an episode of In Conversation, in which we discuss his roots, the hectic schedule, and of course, XTC. Also, for those of you heading to Holy Ship! this coming January, be sure to catch his set to see what all the hype is about.

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