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Jeff Mills: "Only The Artists Can Design Their Careers, Not The public"

Jeff Mills drops knowledge on what it takes to be an artist, what Djing really is and so much more.
Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills took to Facebook today to offer his perspective on the music business and how electronic has changed over the years. He also gives some sage advice as to how to grow your career with hard work, practice and understanding that you have to make the changes needed to succeed, not anybody else.

In the intro, he notes that electronic music is evolving and allows anybody to express themselves in unique ways.

"Keep this mind, in this genre, people are able to express themselves in anyway, any level for any reason they choose and in music, there isn’t such a thing as ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’ ‘good or bad.’ Things are as they are - that’s it.”

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He continues, saying; “Only the artists can design their careers, not the public. To any artist that feels that most criticism towards their work is harsh and unwarranted, I say to them this. 'The only way to shut them down is to get better at what you do'.”

He then outlines 10 points about what makes a DJ, how to be a real artist and more.

“Mixing music together doesn’t make anyone that does it a DJ,” he says. “Knowing how to handle people takes a special skill that involves atmospheric perception, time- management, good judgment and most importantly, the reality that you’ll never ever make everyone happy.”

Read the full post here.

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