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Levon Vincent Releases Third Album 'World Order Music' For Free

You can now get the album on WeTransfer, in addition to streaming and vinyl.
Levon Vincent

Levon Vincent

New York DJ and producer Levon Vincent has released his new album for free. Now on this third LP with World Order Music, Vincent channels the fun and exuberance of 90’s New York house, with some ambient and minimal electronic motifs.

World Order Music is the sound of having fun, enjoying life, expressing myself through music, exploring new rhythmic ideas, unloading emotional turmoil, living with optimism, all the good stuff,” explains Vincent in a statement.

The album is being released for free on WeTransfer, but there are still options to buy and stream, like on Bandcamp. Fans can also pick this up in a triple vinyl package.

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Even with that fun, there is an element of seriousness with this, watching Brexit unfold, though comforted by the dancefloor and his cat.

“If I had to pinpoint some kind of concept, it would involve combining euphoric dance sounds with techniques pioneered by the older minimalist composers. This LP was written while traveling around playing for sweat-drenched dance floors, watching Brexit unfold, listening to old house music, and spending days in the studio with my cat,” says Vincent.

Stream the album now and get your copy for free here. The file will delete in six days, so hop to it.

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