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Magnetic Mix 066: Elizabeth Joan Kelly

Get ready for a "semi-apocalyptic electronica dance mix” from Elizabeth Joan Kelly.
Elizabeth Joan Kelly

Elizabeth Joan Kelly

New Orleans-based electronic music composer Elizabeth Joan Kelly writes music that channels the feeling of our world today. Combining synthpop, industrial, ambient, darkwave and classical music into one sound, she channels the feeling of existential dread, unchecked pollution and the apocalypse into her new music. This comes together on her new album Farewell, Doomed Planet!, which is self-explanatory with the mood it is looking to evoke. The album was released a month ago (get it here or on Bandcamp) and with its anger still ringing true, we got Kelly to make us a Magnetic Mix.

Kelly describes the mix as a "semi-apocalyptic electronica dance mix” with two exclusive remixes she just finished, a couple of her songs, and a bunch of her current favorite tunes.

The mix features songs from ArcaIkonika, Jlin and others.

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1. Elizabeth Joan Kelly - Human Research Roadmap (EJK Remix)
2. Lucinda Chua - Somebody Who (EJK Remix)
3. Barbara Morgenstern - We're All Gonna Fucking Die
4. Eartheater - MMXXX (ft. Moor Mother)
5. Kelela - Turn to Dust (Ikonika Remix)
6. Arca - Urchin
7. Jenny Hval - Six Red Cannas (ft. Vivian Wang, FÈlicia Atkinson, and Laura Jean)
9. Blanck Mass - The Rat (Gazelle Twin Remix)
10. Pale Spring - Forevermore (HI$TO Remix)
11. Dis Fantasy ñ That's So
12. Loraine James - So Scared
13. Alex Temple - Out Of You
14. Jlin - Carbon 7 (161)
15. Kelly Lee Owens - Uncertain (Ghost Culture Remix)
16. Vera Sola - Colony (Zola Jesus Remix)
17. A Tribe Called Red - Sila (ft. Tanya Tagaq)
18. Elizabeth Joan Kelly - Club Clanger
19. Elizabeth Joan Kelly - Beau Travail

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