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November always tends to become a pill that’s hard to swallow here in Kentucky. The majority of leaves have fallen, your breath can be seen when walking outside, the sun sets right as most are leaving their jobs -- the overall acceptance that winter is setting up camp for the next few months isn't too exciting. At this point of the year, two types of people begin to reveal themselves: first are the ones who seek the warm living room feel at home, and the others are those who venture out of their homes to seek a similar type of feeling elsewhere. Only a few of these adventurers found their way to Paristown Hall Friday night (November 8) for Hippo Campus, but those who did find their way inside would agree Paristown Hall contained a warmth far greater than any living room could provide. 

The Greeting Committee introduced this warmth singlehandedly as lead vocalist Addie Sartino made her way onto the stage, fist up, metaphorically grasping the energy to be shared throughout the crowd. The Greeting Committee began with a soft tone but progressively grew into their indie rock outfit by the end of the first song. They almost seemed like a group of siblings witnessing how comfortably they interacted with each other on stage, not to mention Sartino’s constant focus on the crowd and extremely energetic on-stage persona similar to that of Grace Potter. Few may have predicted Sartino crowd surfing at the end of their set too.

It was almost a full house by the time Hippo Campus made their Paristown debut, and if you weren’t warmed up by now, then you would be soon enough. For starters, what better way was there to start their Kentucky show than with their song “Kentucky"? It wasn’t hard to see the crowd soaked up this coincidence, singing every word as loud as they could, and the group absolutely loved it. The stage itself was soaked in warm color by bright stage lights through the thick, hazy fog, accompanied by the group’s playful lyrics and youthful movement as they played every single hit from "Way It Goes" to "Suicide Saturday." In the end, every aspect of Hippo Campus's production combined to create one warm, inclusive Friday night for everyone in the room.

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