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Premiere: Eli & Fur Share Soaring New Single "Wall To Wall"

Eli & Fur close out the year strong with their new single "Wall To Wall."
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British dance duo Eliza Noble and Jennifer Skillman, better known as Eli & Fur, have been as consistent as they come. Putting out quality releases every few months on average, their music doesn’t see wild dips in quality. They are continuing that trend to close out 2019, with their soaring new single “Wall To Wall.”

The new track is atmospheric deep house at its very, very best. It is grounded in a deep, throbbing bassline, while quivering strings soar above the drums. They add some vocals to the hook about having the moment come to life, which fits the motif of the track.

With the song coming this Friday, November 22 via Gavin Koolmon’s, SIKR label, we decided to premiere this huge record for you today a day early. We also had to find out more about the track in a short and sweet chat with the pair.

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What was the genesis of this song?

The instrumental track has been something we having been playing in our sets for a while. That specific string sample sparked the idea; we just found it really addictive and uplifting. We worked a long time on the instrumental track, getting it right, adding emotion to it. We wanted it to feel timeless and to work on the dance floor. The first time we played it was in really simple form without any vocals, just the strings and the groove and it got a great response. That’s when we knew we wanted to take it further. Vocal wise, it took a long time to find something that worked. The string sample is a huge part of the track, so it was a challenge to find something to compliment it, but we eventually got there. We felt it had just the right amount of darkness and uplifting qualities to work with the vibe of the track.

What have been a few highlights for you in 2019?

We started off the year making music for three months, we took some time away from touring just to really focus on creative and it’s been such a blessing in terms of what we have managed to line up for next year. Music has always been something we need time on. This is the first year we have done that, and it was very rewarding, and we made some exciting music we can’t wait to share. Touring wise it’s been a great summer. Highlights were definitely being back at ANTS in Ibiza, and we had some great gigs like CRSSD in San Diego, Watergate in Berlin a few times, Printworks in London. Newspeak in Montreal was also a highlight, just a real vibe in there. Putting out another EP alongside other music. The number 1 on Beatport Progressive House Chart with our track with Danny Howard was also super exciting. It’s been a very special year!

You guys disperse your music to many different labels, how do you decide where to pitch your music? Are you always successful when you send demos?

It really depends. We have labels that we really love and have always sent music we think might fit. If it doesn’t work for them, we always ask for constructive feedback. This coming year we are releasing on a wider range of labels, which is exciting. We are starting to focus more on our own label this coming year, which we are excited about as it gives us more freedom with creative parts of the process.

What is 2020 looking like for you guys?

We have releases lined up for the first four months of the year, which is really exciting. We can’t wait to share more music with everyone and have some tracks out with labels we haven’t worked with before is exciting. We are back in the US start of the year for some music making and more shows and then from there we are looking forward to growing our own label. We are very excited for the New Year. Things feel good and looking forward to sharing “Wall To Wall” with everyone, ending the year on a high!

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