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Ghosttown Sound are a collective made up of various producers and DJs. The collective has gone from throwing some of the best underground music events in Munich, to hosting a monthly radio show via Radio80000, to after almost 3 years of perfecting their craft, releasing music. The producers within Ghosttown have put together a solid body of work showcasing the various sounds, styles & textures within the collective. 

Deducted bits track list.

Deducted bits track list.

This compilation is an exquisite release. The lads have really put their all into it. Having met them all personally when I went over to Munich last year, I've known they've wanted to put out some music via the collective for quite some time so I'm really happy they've now got to a place where that's possible. I think the time and effort the lads have put into this release has really paid off. There's all types of flavors featured on the compilation, from dark, eerie dubstep weight, to light, dreamlike grime. The release really does feel like a very organic project that hasn't been forced or rushed in any way. We were able to premiere the collaboration between Glen & Brootworth called "AFH," which you can listen too below.

Premiere: Glen Brootworth - AFH (Deducted Bits):

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This one is quite possible my favorite from the release. It starts off in an almost dreamlike state, with high hats and claps flickering during the intro. As the drop creeps up on the listener, you can hear dark strings plucking away. When it drops, a harsh, eerie synth is the main attraction, partnered with a very weighty sub-bass. The strings carry on being plucked throughout the track. This is emotive and atmospheric grime at its best. I cannot wait to hear more from these two artists. The entire compilation is available December 6 and can be pre-ordered here.

Out to the Ghosttown family every single time.

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