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Premiere: Pan-Pot - Confronted (Pan-Pot Paradise Mix)

Pan-Pot revive their 2009 classic "Confronted" with a slew of new remixes, including three of their own.


Pan-Pot is reviving a classic 10 years later. The celebrated German techno duo are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their classic track “Confronted” and are doing so in style. They have commissioned seven new remixes for the record, including contributions from Farrago, Anfisa Letyago, and Wex 10. They do three different versions of the track themselves and we are happy to premiere the Paradise mix of “Confronted” for you today.

The Paradise mix takes a bit of different approach to the song. It starts out slow and soft, building to something bigger and more badass. The vocals start to creep in before breakbeats slowly make their presence felt. Then some big claps enter the fray and the song descends into pure chaos and madness. It pulls back again briefly, before tossing you right back into the fray with some added synths on top.

Pan-Pot wanted to do something special for the 10 year anniversary, so they decided to put together this package.

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“For the tenth anniversary of our track ‘Confronted‘ we wanted to do something special as the release was a kind of a milestone for us. So besides asking some friends who we believe are really great producers to give the track a twist, we did three remixes ourselves that are really different from each other,” explains Pan-Pot. 

“We did a ‘Basement,‘ an ‘Up In The Air‘ and a ‘Paradise‘ remix – the EP starts with a dark version of the original and ends up with an ethereal, light-hearted one which has a completely different vibe from all the others remixes. The ‘Paradise‘ remix shows a different, yet unknown side of our productions and this is surely a good occasion to showcase it!"

The full release comes this Friday, November 22 via Second State. Stream the Paradise mix now until then and pick up your copy here.

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