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Premiere: Robotaki - Los Angeles / Quasar

Robotaki will drop these two new gems on Tuesday, November 19 via Foreign Family Collective.

Preston Chin, better known as Robotaki, has carved out a niche for himself with a cheery, bright brand of indie electronic music that appeals to a wide audience without being obviously poppy. He got his start in the mid 2010s with some big remixes and collaborating with indie acts, but then really was put on in a big way as the opener for the Shelter Live Tour. He has kept up that momentum until today, releasing his new two track double single “Los Angeles / Quasar” that we are happy to be premiering for you today.

The project starts out with "Los Angeles," an ode to the city where so many cold weather producers move (Chin was born in Montreal.) “Los Angeles” leans more into indie rock with sparkling guitars, drums and a woman cooing about the City of Angeles.

Then things start to pick up with “Quasar” that sucks you in like its namesake.

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“Quasar” gets right to the point with a barrage of fluttering, shimmering synths and drums barreling down at you. It is more familiar with his previous discography; diving back into electric guitars and a soft melody in the break, before pulling you right back into the Quasar. The song ends with a woozy mix of synths and drums that feel like space and time have been warped around you.

As Robotaki explains, the song is literally about the massive cosmic being.

“’Quasar’ is literally about quasars; supermassive black holes that suck in matter and emit radiant energy, that consistently feed each other at a universal level,” explains Robotaki. “Symbolically I always related this phenomenon to human experience and how we constantly take in what’s around us, transforming those experiences into something else, potentially beautiful, which then goes on to affect someone else. I think our identities are largely dependent on how we share our truths with others.”

Stream the project below, which will be released next Tuesday, November 19 on Foreign Family Collective.

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