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Review: Richie Hawtin presents CLOSE at the Palladium (Los Angeles)

We review the final night of Richie Hawtin's CLOSE tour
Richie Hawtin CLOSE LA

For the final stop of his critically-acclaimed, live tour, Richie Hawtin dropped into the Hollywood Palladium this past Saturday night for a brief, yet very intense 90 minute set that promptly began at about a quarter past midnight with just under 5,000 attendees practically sizzling in anticipation.

In almost complete darkness with just a flew floor lights, his silhouette appeared onstage among a few tables of gear. The sound of a muffled synth calmed the room and shortly thereafter, an expeditious kick drum dropped at a pace of about 130 BPM and from that point on, he never looked back. The pace of the rhythm remained steady over the next 60 minutes plus with minimal peaks and valleys at a near breakneck pace. Hypnotic techno would probably best describe the style yet old school ravers would simply characterize the set as one strictly for the headstrong. 

As the hammering kick-drum beat on, the live set was about to be blown wide open. With about 15 minutes remaining, the very recognizable sample of Loleatta Holloway belting out "I Need You" filled the room with the utmost intensity. The beat then dropped out and all that remained was the wailing vocal sample and the roaring approval of those in attendance. The fiercest 909 drop then kicked in with revving, hoover stabs to go along with it. The revelers roared with approval over what was undoubtedly the exclamation point of Richie's live, improvised set. 

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Richie Hawtin Close LA

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