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Richie Hawtin Releases Interactive CLOSER App, But It Requires A Lot Of Phone Memory

Richie Hawtin is creating an even larger CLOSE ecosystem.
Richie Hawtin CLOSE Live

Richie Hawtin has released a new app CLOSER, to help promote his CLOSE show. It is designed to make viewing the performances more interactive – a mission of the show in general so fans can feel like they are a part of the performance. There is one big catch though – to unlock the functionality within each performance, the user has to download video files for each show.

Richie Hawtin Closer App

Downloading each file can use up almost 4gbs of space on a phone. Even with “unlimited” data plans (they throttle you at a certain point), downloading files should be done at home on wifi. Once you have the file, users can swipe between various camera angles on the vertical view where three different viewpoints are shown. One slide looks at the visuals and the crowd, another of him and another of him working on various machines, where you can switch between angles on those machines.

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Richie Hawtin Closer App

Beyond the videos of two existing gigs, the app will act as a hub for all CLOSE news. You can see tour dates, learn more about the concept and a live streaming option will be made available soon for a new show. You can also minimize the app an the music will still be playing, so it works in the background.

“I’ve always been interested in the intersection of music and technology and the CLOSER App is the perfect marriage of the two, which I hope gives new insight into how I play and create my unique Hawtin sound," explains Richie Hawtin. "In a world filled with DJs who are happy with the status quo of electronic music performance, I strive to push forward, challenge myself and hopefully inspire the next generation of Techno performers to continue to go beyond the norm.” 

Get the app on the iOS App Store and Google Play and explore for yourself. Be sure to search "CLOSER."

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