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It's that time of year again... you've been eyeing this gear since it dropped but haven't  pulled the trigger - now you have an excuse! Whether you are looking to get that vinyl set-up you've been dreaming about or simply starting off with an entry level controller, Pioneer DJ is dropping prices this holiday season on a ton of different gear for all levels and formats. Some of these sales are on now and check the Pioneer DJ website on Thanksgiving Day for Black Friday deals. Happy shopping!

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PLX-500 High-torque, direct drive turntable

Direct drive turntable offering a more versatile vinyl solution for DJing and leisurely listening. The PLX-500 is ready to use straight out of the box.

Sale: $50 off  | Now $299

Dates: 11/01 - 12/31


PLX-1000High-torque direct drive professional turntable

Precision engineered for the booth, drawing on 50 years’ experience of making high-end turntables.

Sale: $100 off | Now $599

Dates: 11/01 - 12/31


DDJ-800 2-channel portable DJ controller for rekordbox dj

Take a pro setup wherever you go with the DDJ-800, a compact 2-channel DJ performance controller for dedicated use with the professional performance application, rekordbox dj.

Sale: $100 off | Now $799

Dates: 11/01 - 12/31

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DDJ-SX3Performance DJ controller for Serato DJ Pro

With a familiar layout and a high-quality casing, the DDJ-SX3 improves on the DDJ-SX2, which earned a strong reputation with a wide range of people including professional mobile DJs.

Sale: $100 off |  Now $999

Dates: 11/01 - 12/31


DDJ-200  - Smart DJ controller

The DDJ-200 is compatible with a variety of music streaming apps and offers access to features that demystify many aspects of the craft.

Sale: $20 off | Now $129 

Dates: 11/29 - 12/01 (Black Friday)


CDJ-2000NXS2  The next generation CDJs

Includes a 96 kHz/24-bit sound card and added FLAC/ALAC support along with intuitive browsing and track selection, high-res touch screen and detailed rekordbox™ info.

Sale: $200 off |  Now $1999

Dates: 11/29 - 12/01 (Black Friday)


TORAIZ SP-16Sampler with Dave Smith analog filters
This tactile sampler features an intuitive touch screen, 16 powerful sampler engines, and analogue filters based on Dave Smith Instruments’ Prophet-6 synthesizer.

$400 off  | Now $899

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