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For the 44th installment of The Strictly 140 guest mix series we bring you a very talented producer from Germany. He makes all kinds of music with an experimental twist to his productions, we welcome Soukah to the guest mix roster.


Soukah has had a heavy run of eclectic releases spanning a whole host of labels such as Dubtribu Records, Rarefied, Locus Sound & more. He doesn't have a specific style to his productions, however it's quite clear he definitely likes to get experimental. Sometimes he might make a fun, up beat, happy track, other times he may make a dark, sub heavy, dubstep roller, perfect for a sound system, and then he might create an emotive, atmospheric instrumental that could slip into the score of a film soundtrack effortlessly. He really is incredibly versatile when it comes to production. He's put together a really special guest mix for us below. Various dubs & unreleased bits feature. Have a listen below, big up Soukah every time.

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1. Riko Dan & Mumdance - Hungry (Tectonic)
2. Soukah - Test02 (dub)
3. 11th Hour - Cuatro Vientos (dub)
4. Soukah - Orbit Dub (dub)
5. Soukah - Quaalude Alley (dub)
6. Soukah - Swallow Your Tongue (dub)
7. Soukah - Forgotten In The Car (dub)
8. Soukah & Phossa - Through The Walls (dub)
9. Soukah - Windowlicka VIP (dub)
10. Nights - Too Much (Soukah Remix)
11. Jook - Flying Nimbus (Sector 7)
12. Soukah - Sadistic (dub)
13. Soukah - Derwish (dub)
14. Soukah - Apreggio (dub

Next up in the guest mix series we have Dred from Subtle FM. 

Keep your eyes peeled.

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