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My Toolbox: Ronnie Spiteri

Ronnie Spiteri shows off the gear he uses in his studio.
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Welcome to our latest exclusive feature, My Toolbox, where artists give us a look at their go-to tools that they can't live without. This new feature follows along the same lines of How It Was Made but focuses less on a specific track and more on the actual tools in the studio. Ever wonder how that one artist always comes up with the biggest basslines? Most ethereal chords? Punchiest drums? This is the feature where artists spill the beans. This time, we are joined by rising talent Ronnie Spiteri, whose releases on labels like Knee Deep In Sound, We Are The Brave, True Soul and more, have seen him become a global fan favorite. Below, he shows us the goods and lets us in on how he does what he does.   

Words and photos by Ronny Spiteri

Ron Spiteri Studio wide
Ron Spiteri Studio close up

Moog Sub Analog 37

The latest edition to my arsenal of sonic weaponry, this is such a great synthesizer for arpeggiators & basslines. I have recently used this for the lead track of my ‘Rough Rider EP’ on Christian Smith's Tronic label.

Ron Spiteri Moog 37

Korg Minilogue XD

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This is such a classy powerhouse of a Synth, its great value for money for how much it costs… I always create great Pads & Atmospheric Layers for my tracks and I'm really happy with it, it’s an essential part of my set up.

Ron Spiteri Korg Minilogue

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW

This is a very warm sounding piece of hardware that knocks out the best kick drums and hi-hats. I used this drum machine for my track ‘Can You Feel it’ it’s a great bit of equipment that I go to almost every time I’m cooking up beats in the studio

Ron Spiteri Elektron Drum Machine

M.Brane 11

If you’re looking to make original claps and snare drums and other mid-range sounds... you should definitely check this little beauty out... if you can get your hands on one as they are discontinued now. You can easily dictate and manipulate the sounds with this, making it really crunchy sounding. Such a fun piece of kit to mess around with.

Ron Spiteri M Brane

Ronnie’s latest release ‘Rough Rider’ on Tronic is out now on Beatport. Grab it here.

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