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Stuff Their Stockings With These Quirky, Healthy and Great Smelling Gifts

From vitamins you can spray in your mouth to sprays you can spray in your house, here is a list of stocking stuffer ideas for that special weirdo on your list.

Vitamin Spray you say? If you have a hardcore traveler on your list then you might have found the perfect gift to keep them healthy on the road. These spray vitamins come in three different varieties to help support Sleep, Immunity and Energy when you are on the go and don't want to mess with packing pills or powders. These are highly portable, fast acting supplements for the road warrior. Simply spray 7x under the tongue, let it sit there for ten seconds or so, and then wash it down with some water. Boom! MSRP $24.99 per bottle with about 25 doses per package. 

Smell like the great outdoors! Juniper Ridge is all about nature, and now they have a collection of gender-neutral colognes that will make you smell like trees, literally. What a perfect way to freshen up after a long day at the festival, just head back to your campsite, bust open some towelettes, spritz spritz, and you are ready to get back in the action. Based on Juniper Ridge's signature essential oils available in four scent profiles–White Sage, Desert Cedar, Coastal Pine, and Redwood Mist. 

So when you can't be in nature, you can certainly spray a little on to relax. No nasty chemicals, just a two-ingredient formula using steam distilled essential oils and organic sugar cane alcohol. Watch out for tree huggers, they will be all over you! MSRP $35.00 Also available in solids for $17.00

Your house smells like the forest! If you don't want to smell like trees yourself, then the next best thing is the Juniper Ridge Room Spray. We tried out the Redwood Mist and Cascade Forest and well, our house smelled amazing. If you have a roommate who smells like weed or just in general, a bathroom that could use a bit of help, or you just want to close your eyes and feel like you are outside - these room sprays will do the trick. Available in five varieties. Be warned, they will go FAST so buy a couple bottles. MSRP $15.00

An elixir for the holidaze. The perfect gift for the holiday season, why yes, it's a Kenyan Purple Tea! This tea is a better-for-you varietal that packs more antioxidants than even green and black tea. Kabaki comes in five varieties, unsweetened, lightly sweetened, lemon, raspberry and peach - all of which are delicious. We all know the holidays can get a little hectic and when your sister-in-law keeps on giving you the crooked eye, Kabaki will be there to take the edge off. Hell, this stuff will help with hangovers, food coma's and other lethargic behavior onset from overindulgence. 

Kabaki crafts their teas from richly-hued purple tea leaves that are naturally imbued with anthocyanin and polyphenol antioxidants. These are two of the most researched natural compounds in the prevention of cancers, brain diseases, and heart disease!

Oxygen, because everyone needs it! Ok, so you probably have some questions right off the bat here don't you? Since when is this a gift guide for grandma? Well it just so happens that the good old O2 can be super helpful for a variety of things besides keeping old people afloat. It's great to have on hand for marathon beer pong games for example, or high altitude activities like snowboarding or hiking, because you know, the air is thinner up there. This is the perfect gift for someone that is training, has trouble with altitude, drinks a lot or just needs a pick me up. Boost Oxygen comes in three sizes and five flavors: plain, peppermint, menthol, pink grapefruit and the new Think Tank edition. We've tried it for several different things and it's definitely put a pep in our step, especially after a long night - this is the perfect chaser for your quad latte. This will be one of the cooler and more unique gifts that lands in the stockings this year. MSRP $8-$15

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Socks in stockings, why not? Yes, we get the irony of putting a sock on the stocking stuffer list, but hey, who doesn't love cool wool socks? Smartwool makes the perfect selection for those chilly days, whether you are in the city or heading to some perfect little mountain town - these will keep your tootsies warm and stylish. The wool keeps your feet from sweating too much and also helps repel any odor, which is extra nice if you've been hiking around a bit. Built to last, lots of great patterns and perfect for him or her - you can pick up a 3x pack for $60 MSRP. 

Yes, Gypsy Cream! Ok, so the name is weird and it looks like something you might find at your local farmers market, but trust us, this is stuff is the real deal. Originally developed as a treatment for psoriasis this cream proved to be so good that word spread (amongst the Gypsies we guess?) and people started using this miracle mud for all sorts of stuff from moisturizing to anti-aging, this jar is worth every penny. We used it here in Colorado this fall and it helped to keep our faces from turning to red leather.

Is it the magic of Montana Mineral Water (known to have the second highest trace mineral content in the world!) combined with Hemp Seed (not to be confused with CBD) for the ultimate skin soothing? Whatever it is, this cream will be well received by any lotion junky to help them through harsh winters or setting back the clock. It's natural too, so no weird chemicals or additives - your vegan friends will REALLY love it. MSRP $29.95  

The ultimate relief for sore muscles, hangovers and anxiety! Yes, we all know CBD is being hailed as the cure all miracle but there is a damn good reason for that, this stuff works. The biggest issue is that most people take it in too low of a dosage for it to have much of an effect, so the geniuses at Receptra Naturals created their Plus and Pro lines at 1,500 mg and 2000 mg quantities to fix that. These are perfect for people that like to party and need some day after relief, weekend warriors that over do it, and those nervous types that need to take the edge off of life. If you gift this miracle product, make sure to tell those you gift to take it slow and ease into the dosage that's right for them, as we are all different in our needs. We tested out both varieties and they are some of the best CBD products we have ever tested. MSRP 30mL of Pro $149.00 | 30mL of Plus $134.95.

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Baby it's cold outside, but I still want to use my phone? Mujjo's Insulated Touch Screen Gloves are the perfect gift for your cold weather friends on the go. Whether it's ordering an Uber in NYC when it's freezing out or setting up that perfect IG shot in Aspen, these gloves will keep your mitts warm and functional as you swipe, like, and text. These also come in a double insulated version for even colder environments, check the website for all the varieties and our friends at Mujjo are hooking you up with some Black Friday deals, check the code and dates below. MSRP $50.00 

The promotion will be valid from November 28th through December 3rd. Coupon: #25off for all products on

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