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Upper Playground Releases Very Limited 20-Year Anniversary Bag With Chrome Industries

Only 20 of these bags from Upper Playground and Chrome Industries have been made.
Upper Playground Chrome Industries Bag

Bay Area-based apparel brand Upper Playground is celebrating its 20-year anniversary by doing a bag collaboration with urban wear company Chrome Industries.

Upper Playground Chrome Industries Bag

The limited edition Citizen messenger bags were handmade by Chrome bag makers in Chicago and San Francisco. They feature a custom tarp liner printed with Upper Playground’s 20th anniversary logo pattern, a 20th anniversary patch, and an inside panel with Jeremy Fish’s “Fowl Mood” owl wallpaper, which calls back to Chrome’s 2009 Artist Series bags with Upper Playground featuring the work of Jeremy Fish and Sam Flores.

Upper Playground Chrome Industries Bag
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Only 20 of these bags have been made, so they will be VERY limited edition. They will cost $180 each. Since there are so few of them, they will be sold in a lottery. You can enter the lottery on either company website (UG website, CI website) or at their locations below.

Chrome Hub locations:

Chrome Portland: 425 SW 10th Ave.
Chrome San Francisco: 962 Valencia St.
Chrome Chicago: 1529 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chrome Brooklyn: 76 N 4th St.
Chrome Soho: 238 Mulberry St

Upper Playground Store locations:

Upper Playground San Francisco: 220 Fillmore Street
Upper Playground Portland: 23 NW 5th Ave.

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