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Warp Records Celebrates 30 Years With WXAXRXP Sessions Box Set Featuring Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada, LFO

Warp officially releases some rare cuts and tracks from their weekend NTS Radio takeover.
Warp Records WXAXRXP Sessions

Warp Records has been celebrating 30 years in the business throughout 2019, culminating with a NTS Radio takeover for an entire weekend titled WXAXRXP Sessions. Over the course of the weekend, Warp got musicians from its massive and diverse back catalog to contribute like Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Boards Of Canada, LFO and more.

They have taken sessions from that weekend and others going back into Warp’s history to create the WXAXRXP Sessions. Some of the tracks go back to various Peel sessions in the 1990s from Aphex Twin, Plaid, Seefeel and Boards of Canada. There is also music from others just in the NTS Radio session.

Fans can buy the individual sets for each artist or everything at once. Each of the 10 artists have their contribution available on individual artist pages on streaming services or you can listen to the playlist of all of the songs now.

This also comes in a large vinyl box set in 10 x 12” vinyl, with a full color printed inner sleeve and 5 color 3mm spine outer sleeve with spot gloss varnish. There are eight prints from Synchrodogs, 10 stickers and much more.

Vinyl Track List

Aphex Twin

Peel Session 2
TX: 10/04/95
A1. Slo Bird Whistle
A2. Radiator (Original Mix)
B1. p-string
B2. Pancake Lizard


TX: 21/06/2019
A1. Haikuesque
A2. Petals
B1. All the Flowers
B2. Lovers Carvings

Boards Of Canada

Peel Session
TX: 21/07/98
A1. Aquarius (Version 3)
A2. Happy Cycling
B1. Olson (Version 3)

Flying Lotus

Presents INFINITY “Infinitum” - Maida Vale Session
TX: 19/08/10
A1. MmmHmm
A2. Golden Axe
B1. Tea Leaf Dancers
B2. Drips

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Kelly Moran

A1. In Parallel (acoustic)
A2. Helix 2 (TransAcoustic)
B1. Interlude 1
B2. Love Birds (acoustic)
B3. Radian (TransAcoustic)


Peel Session
TX: 20/10/90
A1. Take Control
A2. To The Limit
B1. Rob’s Nightmare
B2. Lost World

Mount Kimbie

TX: 21/06/2019
01. You Look Certain (I’m Not So Sure) (feat. Andrea Balency)
02. Delta
03. Marilyn (feat. Micachu)
04. Made To Stray

Oneohtrix Point Never

KCRW Session
TX: 23/10/18
A1. Love In The Time Of Lexapro
A2. RayCats
B1. Toys 2
B2. Chrome Country


Peel Session 2

TX: 08/05/99
A1. Housework
A2. Kiterider
B1. Elide
B2. Lazybeams


Peel Session
TX: 27/05/94
A1. Rough For Radio
A2. Starethrough
B1. Vex
B2. Phazemaze

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