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Weedsday Playlist: Make & Mary Founder Yvonne Perez Emerson Shares 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, pass and play to this week's Weedsday playlist.
Yvonne Perez Emerson

Yvonne Perez Emerson is a Latinx woman with over 30 years in design and strategy, and the founder of Make & Mary, a luxury CBD beauty and experiential brand that explores the world of cannabis through art, design, self-care and its roots in folk medicine and heritage craft making. In 2016, Perez used her background in design and community building to launch Make & Mary as a cannabis-friendly workshop series where attendees gain hands-on experiences in heritage craft practices combined with the spiritual and creative benefits of cannabis..

In 2018, Perez expanded Make & Mary into a luxury CBD beauty brand. Her product line features clean organic skincare solutions and lifestyle products made with full spectrum CBD, cannabis aromatherapy, and herbal adaptogens.

Prior to Make & Mary, Perez founded two arts nonprofits, La Mesa Arts Alliance and WeMake. The La Mesa Arts Alliance was founded in 2004 with the city of La Mesa, California, Parks & Recreation department to provide a variety of arts experiences to the local community. WeMake, a 501C non-profit, was founded in 2012 developed to foster art and design in Portland's creative community through hands-on experiences, dialogue, and design in action initiatives. In 2019, Perez transitioned her work with WeMake into Make & Mary to fully focus on growing the company

You can hear founder Yvonne Perez Emerson speak at the Super Maker conference on November 16th in Portland. You can also visit her at several other holiday pop-ups around PDX including My Peoples Market, and at the Indy Beauty Expo in LA in January.

With this wealth of experience, she was perfect to make us a Weedsday playlist.

1. “Everything is Everything” by Lauren Hill

This song reminds me of growing up in the struggle of poverty and racism — how my white mother raised four brown kids and moved us from West Hollywood to the Midwest for a “better life.” Her struggles became ours. But she taught us to love, and be strong and that tomorrow is a new day. Change will come eventually. I was a young mom when this album came out, and I’d dance to it stoned with my kids (they weren’t stoned!) It always reminded me of my own mom. “Develop the negative into a positive picture. Everything is everything….”

2. “Kaya” by Bob Marley

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Reminds me of my times in San Diego, surfing, skating, and being wild. We’d listen to Marley all day long while we hung out at Dog Beach. It was a great time. Stoner girls who surfed, what a life. “I feel so high I even touch the sky, I feel so good in my neighborhood, so here I come again. “

3. “Burn One Down” by Ben Harper

This song reminds me of when my kid went off and joined the army... and the first time he was deployed to Iraq. It was, in a strange way, comforting to me and I I would listen to it in my earphones while I worked. I would sing it loud without caring who was around me. Maybe because it felt rebellious, I don’t know but I sang it loud and proud. “My choice is who I choose to be, if you don’t like my fire don’t come around because I’m going to burn one down.”

4. “Might As Well Get Stoned” by Chris Stapleton

I’ve been playing guitar more lately and am loving the sounds of Chris Stapleton, a little country and a little rock. I’ve been determined to learn the entire album on my acoustic. This song has been on my chill out playlist a lot. “I might as well get stoned and get it off my mind. Ain’t got a thing to do all I got is time. “

5. “Keep Your Head Up” by Tupac

Back in the ‘90s, I’d listen to Tupac on repeat all day. There were so many people going to jail because of the war on drugs and this song was so soulful and poetic. But it also reminded people to have hope and that they were something, especially all the single mommas affected by the rage and inequities of that time. “I know you’re fed up ladies, keep your head up. OOh child things are going to get easy, things are going to get brighter. “

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