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2019 has been an incredibly big year for 140 music. Fresh new labels have emerged and eclectic, exciting new music has been released. With this article I'm going to skim through 10 of my favorite tracks from the past year. These might be tracks I include within my sets, or just productions I've been feeling a lot over the past year. First up we have P Jam & Capo Lee.

1. P Jam & Capo Lee - Nandos Riddim:

MSR014 Artwork.

MSR014 Artwork.

Quite possibly one of the best grime track's of the year from P Jam, the instrumental itself has been getting spun up and down the country whether it be via radio or at a grime event. The quick, almost 2 step feel to it always puts energy into any room or space its being played in. The addition of Capo Lee's instantly recognizable flow turns this track into one serious collaboration. You can purchase the whole release via the label Meanstreets here.

2. Alix Perez - Last Rites:

Last Rites Artwork.

Last Rites Artwork.

It's no secret Alix Perez is at the top of his game within the drum and bass scene, unanimously revered by everyone. His productions have a sense of clarity in them unlike any I have listened too. I first heard the track "Last Rites" at a small private party in 2018. Compa spun it and the reaction in the room was electric. Absolute weight from Perez, the entire release is one of the best 140 projects I've had the pleasure of listening to. Purchase here.

3. Zha - Floating:

Zha is such a versatile producer, from gritty 2-step grime, to ethereal melodic dubstep, he can really do no wrong when it comes to production and this one is no exception. "Floating" is a creepy, dark, mixture of eerie snares and a growling sub bass. It features on Zha's most recent EP which was released via his own imprint NAAN. The rest of the EP is top-tier music from start to finish, you can purchase it here.

4. Burke - Dracula:

Burke is one of my favorite producers and has been for quite a while. "Dracula" features on a 2 track vinyl release under BURKE001. The production is a perfect cross between low end dubstep and cold industrial grime. Recently Burke has delved into drill-music production which can be listened too, and leased, here. BURKE001 was released on both vinyl and digital, the vinyl is available here

5. Rakjay - What it's Worth:

Knowing Rakjay personally, its been a pleasure to see his sound grow from when I first met him. "What Its Worth" is an absolute banger shrouded in a monster 808 bass and a wicked vocal that slots into the track perfectly. It's featured on NSX006 alongside two other weighty productions and a remix from the French don Argo. NSX006 has fully sold out now with no digitals available, so if you slept on this release, you definitely missed out. Out to my g Rakjay every single time!

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NSX 006 Artwork

NSX 006 Artwork

6. Ago - Good Luck:

This one is engulfed in warm textures from the beginning. It's a feel good dubstep track with various sides to it. Ago's "Good Luck" has been eagerly awaited by the dubstep community for quite some time, even before any release date was set. The production evolves constantly with each drop, which is something I personally look for in dubstep productions. The tracks been released via Innamind Records as a vinyl-only press with another percy production on the flip entitled "I Got." The vinyl has fully sold out now so if you managed to cop one, well done. Out to Ago & Numa Crew.

7. BFM - Untitled:

STRCTv001 Artwork

STRCTv001 Artwork

Released in October as a limited vinyl-only run via Strictly 140, this track has been one of my favorite dubstep tracks since I first heard about BFM over 3 years ago. The production is a concoction of orchestral strings and a cold, bouncy sub bass, its a brilliantly balanced track and uses space perfectly throughout. Out to Sean (Sativa) and Jack (JFO) every single time.

8. P Money & Giggs - Where and When (Prod by Silencer):

"Where and When" was arguably one of the best vocal grime tracks to come out of 2019. The instrumental has been about as a dub for quite a while before the initial release, getting airtime on both radio and at events such as Grime Originals. No one knew who Silencer was going to rope in for vocal duties and he did not disappoint, P Money & Giggs absolutely destroyed this track, available to purchase here. Out to Silencer.

9. Sukh Knight & Mystry - Suckaz:

When I first heard about this collaboration I was very gassed -- two of my favorite producers from different genres coming together to create something different. I'd heard "Suckaz" on Rinse FM nearly 2 years ago and knew it was an instant banger. It gives off an eerie, almost halloween vibe to it, perfect for an emcee to spray over. The track was released on Sukh Knight's own label DAKU and can be purchased here. Out to both Mystry & Sukh.

a2669620704_10 (1)

10. Hebbe - Mad Hatter (Headland Remix):

A 2019 round up wouldn't be complete without including this absolute riddim. The original was one of the biggest dubstep tracks of 2018, with its wonky bass that tore up any dance floor. So after countless phone videos of the remix getting spun in various raves all over the world, we were finally treated to it via Sleeper's label, Crucial Recordings, available both on vinyl and digitally here. Headland is one of the most powerful dubstep producers within 140 at the moment, so for him to add his unique touch to the original, you just know it's going to go down well.

Out to all the artists and labels I've featured. Look out for more articles in 2020. Big up.

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