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LUXXURY, Sam Smith, Psychemagik, and Róisín Murphy are just a few of the fantastic artists bringing us some of the best in Disco and Funk this November. These tracks are all coming in hot and ready to spice up your holiday parties, so in no particular order, let's dive into these songs and see what made November great!

1. Igor Gonya - Gigil

Sounding like the soundtrack to something meant for adults, "Gigil" is pure heat! Out on Groovy Riddim Records, this track conjures up what you might hear in the back room of a club, VIP style. Make sure there are plenty of fans on when this is playing! 

2. Ruff Diamond - Extra High feat. TAZ & Wanja Janeva (Jet Boot Jack Remix)

Jet Boot Jack's remix of "Extra High" is just that...extra! This track is a banger in all of its incarnations, but this version adds a layer of disco sheen that we all love so much. Check out all of the great remixes on this killer EP from Supa Earth now!

3. Demi Riquisimo - Encona

Demi Riquisimo has been a busy boy in 2019! Spice Rack is his fourth EP this year and it is packed with 4 killer tracks, but "Encona" has just the right Disco flow. Congas, strings, swirling female vocals, handclaps and even a little acid house round out the track. I am happy to say we started the year loving Demi and we are ending it that way too!

4. Sam Smith - I Feel Love

The dream team of Disclosure on production and the perfect falsetto of Sam Smith give us an inspired cover of Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder's "I Feel Love." Not veering too from the original version, Sam Smith gives this track the reverie it deserves. It's great to hear Sam Smith back on the dancefloor!

5. Phenomenal Handclap Band - Remain Silent (Ray Mang Instrumental Mix)

This instrumental mix of "Remain Silent" makes me want to lay under a disco ball and let the disco vibes just wash over me. Ray Mang is a genius with his remixes for Phenomenal Handclap Band. He leaves all of the amazing energy of the original while adding a gorgeous glossy finish. Shine on!

6. LUXXURY - Turn Off All The Lights

It took 6 years, but LUXXURY has finally given us a full-length LP called It's Not Funny. "Turn Off All The Lights" is the new single and is the perfect cherry on top of the singles we have come to know and love over the past few years. Cosmic, swirling, funky disco is what we've come to expect from LUXXURY, and boy does this track deliver!

7. Confidence Man - Does It Make You Feel Good?

It's been a hot minute since we've heard anything new from Confidence Man, but the wait has proven to be worth it with the enticing new single "Does It Make You Feel Good?" This track is easy, breezy and has a lighter touch than previous releases. This song does make me feel good and make me feel right. I think it will do the same for you.

08. Róisín Murphy - Narcissus

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Róisín Murphy has been making fantastic electronic music independently for the last decade, easily sliding between genres, keeping her listeners eager for more. "Narcissus" thankfully is giving us a glimmering disco vibe, just as shimmery and reflective as her subject. If the soaring strings and breathy vocals don't make you want to hit the dancefloor, nothing will!

9. Tonbe - 15th Street

Tonbe is back with a super funky little jam called "15th Street" taken from his Downtown Street EP. Loaded with fierce bass lines, organ, and some sweet saxophone riffs, this sweet little number will get your body moving and grooving.

10. Monsieur Van Pratt - Groove It

From the excellent Slightly Transformed EP Nothing But Funk, "Groove It" definitely lives up to its name! Mexican producer Monsieur Van Pratt is giving us super soulful vocals backed by funky rhythm guitar, strings, harp, and a bangin' bass line. Get ready to bite your lip and get down!

11. Andy Buchan - Superman Bump

"Superman Bump" is sexy. The Superman EP from Sundries may only be two tracks, but both are incredibly funky and worth a listen. This track will sweep you off your feet and take to a land where bell-bottoms and butterfly collars rule. Andy Buchan has been giving us solid disco for the last couple of years and it's so much fun to hear him bring the funk as well!

12. Funky Destination - The Inside Man (Theon Bower's Primetime Edit)

Theon Bower has kicked up the soul factor on "The Inside Man," a track from 2013 that hasn't aged at all. The brass is brighter and is a bolder part of the production on this edit. Theon Bower has managed to add his own flavor to an already excellent original track. You won't be able to sit still with this much funk in the room!

13. Any Gram - Open Bar

You might think you don't know who Any Gram is, but you do! "Open Bar" is actually an anagram of Ray Mang's name! I am sure you will agree that we don't care what the name is as long as the song is this good! This is the first release from Ray's Dis Go In Ya Pipe LP, and hopefully, the rest is as good as this jam! 

14. NFC & Key Sokur - Like I Said

After a solid night of partying, "Like I Said" is refreshing to the senses. This track brings the southern hemisphere's warmth to the freezing north. NFC & Key Sokur give this rework the slick and sexy heat it deserves. 

15. Psychemagik - Triumph Of The Gods Feat. Renate Staal Nygard

This song is stunning! "Triumph Of The Gods" is sweepingly cinematic and Renate Staal Nygard's vocals will transport you to another time and place. This is not a typical disco track, but its underlying current is certainly that. The bassline is deceivingly funky, the strings and horns all playing together in the lush landscape that is this song. Look for Psychemajik's LP I Feel How This Night Should Look in December.

Make sure to check out the curated SoundCloud playlist now! 

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