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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of November 2019

This new chart features new music from Buunshin, Kimyan Law, Magnetude, and more.
Camo & Krooked

Camo & Krooked

As we approach the colder months, this November has been all about the dark, murky vibes with some insane productions from Magnetude, Fade Black, Annix, and Buunshin. Apart the shadowy side of the genre, we also got some stunning, lighter treats from LSB & DRS, a bit of funk from Dossa & Locuzzed, sunny vibes courtesy of NCT, and, of course, new music from Camo & Krooked featuring hip-hop legend Jeru The Damaja. Our last list before we round off our year-end favorites, November was full of heaters – here are our favorites.

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1. Camo & Krooked – “Set It Off” ft. Jeru The Damaja (Hospital) 

There’s no denying 2019 has been an absolutely massive year for the legendary Austrian duo, somehow managing to step-up their already phenomenal game in entirely new ways with plenty of surprises, and this latest single is no exception. Combining their unique brand of cinematic, bass-heavy sound design with the groove of hip-hop sensation Jeru The Damaja, “Set It Off” is groovy, soulful, heavy, and above all else incredibly creative, making it a standout track of the month if not the year or even decade. Phenomenal! 

2. LSB & DRS – “Keep The Time” (Footnotes)

Of course one of the most exciting releases to drop in November was the highly anticipated The Blue Hour, a collaborative effort between two of the scene’s most well-loved names, LSB & DRS. “Keep the Time” is a soothing, luxurious number, exuding comfort and sophistication in signature style. Beautiful results are to be expected when these two do anything together, but this track in particular is nothing short of stunning. 

3. DJ Marky x Pola & Bryson - "Into The Blue" (Shogun) 

Celebrating 15 Years as a label in 2019, Shogun Audio released a rather large compilation honoring the accomplishment, with one of our favorites being this collaboration between DJ Marky and Pola & Bryson. Not what you might expect when you first see these two names together, “Into The Blue” is a surprisingly murky roller with a haunting elegance and depth of sound that is sure to leave a lasting impression. 

4. Dossa & Locuzzed – “Sandbox” (Viper) 

Another Austrian duo worth celebrating this month, Dossa & Locuzzed released their debut album Resonate, full of their signature blend of funky drum & bass that has been turning heads for quite some time. “Sandbox” is the perfect summation of their sound as its evolved over recent years, combining animated dancefloor energy with a strong 70s funk influence and a touch of their own magic that’s simply inimitable. 

5. Halogenix - "Blej" (Fade Black Remix) (Critical) 

While the original remains a favorite in DJ sets the world over, Fade Black’s take on the iconic “Blej” is nothing short of sensational and has been sending crowds wild for quite some time – and for good reason. Maintaining the original groove but with a fierce new energy, Fade Black kicks things up not just one notch but ten for what is definitely a contender for remix of the year. 

6. Bladerunner - "The Flying Technique VIP" (Formation)

Bladerunner revisited one of his most iconic tracks this month with a special VIP of “The Flying Technique” and we are living for it! Arguably bolder and sassier than the original, we love a good VIP and this one really takes the cake and is sure to be a favorite amongst DJs and fans alike. 

7. Kove – “The Music” (Drum&BassArena) 

Label favorite Kove delivers energetic, classic drum & bass with their last release of 2019. Loud, proud, and spirited right from the start, this track is a lot of fun and a vigorous nod to dance music’s origins. 

8. Kimyan Law – “Byo” (Blu Mar Ten Music) 

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Kimyan Law released his third album this month, and it is some of his most incredible work yet. Known for constantly pushing the boundaries of bass music & beyond, his music has always stood out for being incredibly introspective and offbeat, delivering consistently refreshing results from the get-go. “Byo” shows us a darker side to his sound while still offering that eclectic yet polished charm he is acclaimed for. 

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9. Buunshin – “Acolyte” (Nëu Music) 

One of the most exciting new names to come out of the Netherlands in recent years, Buunshin made his Nëu Music debut with his four-track All About This EP. Brimming with mind-blowing sound design and shadowy vibes, “Acolyte” stands out for its ominous dynamism and impeccable production – Buunshin has definitely proven he is one to watch going into 2020. 

10. Rusko – “Oh my god” (Deadbeats) 

Nearly ten years since his seminal “Oh My Gosh” release that put him on the map for many heads, Rusko treated us to a drum & bass number this month with “Oh my god.” While the two may not be related bar similar names, “Oh my god” stands out as high energy, fast-paced, and full of Rusko’s signature wonky basslines. This was an unexpected treat and we can’t get enough of it! 

11. Magnetude – “Mantis” (Evolution Chamber) 

Another shadowy number to be released this month, Magnetude released the eerie “Mantis” this month. A captivating story told over a riveting six minutes, this thriller of a track devotes the first minute and a half to painting an immersive world before dropping into pure carnage. Carefully constructed chaos, Magnetude have really outdone themselves with this one! 

12. InsideInfo & Mefjus - "Pulsation" (Annix Remix) (Viper) 

Welcoming Annix to the label, one of the most well-loved collabs of all time got the remix treatment this November with “Pulsation.” Maintaining enough of the original to draw the listener in with the intro, Annix switch things up with the drop and deliver dancefloor destruction in a way only they can for what has to be the perfect remix – this one is filthy! 

13. NCT – “Astrophysical” (Liquicity) 

Dutch duo NCT announced their debut album will be released next year, sharing a name with first single “Astrophysical.” Featuring the infectious vocals of Skyelle, the track is as upbeat as they come, bursting with vibrant, buoyant energy from start to finish. Set to be an anthem during summer festival season, the track serves as a reminder of warmer weather and sunnier days and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

14. Emperor – “Backchat” feat. Dread MC (Critical) 

Emperor returned to Critical after a short hiatus with his Backchat EP, featuring the definitive bop of the same name. Filthy but groovy drum & bass is up there with our favorite things in all the world, and this is an exceptional example. A track that simultaneously brings out the most heinous of bass faces while still grooving, Emperor has outdone himself once again with this one. 

15. Hybrid Minds & Fred V - "Drowning In You" (Hybrid Music) 

Easily one of the most emotive tracks to be released this month, Fred V teams up with Hybrid Minds for “Drowning In You.” A stunning track on its own, fans were also treated to a pretty phenomenal accompanying music video that may or may not bring a tear to your eye. Fred V’s illustrious voice soars over glimmering melodies for a result that is simply radiant. 

That’s all for this month, but be sure to check out the Best 15 Drum & Bass Tracks of October 2019 for more of our favorite winter warmers, and come back in December for our Best of 2019 chart! 

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