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Album Review: Digitalism - JPEG

Digitalism bridge the gap with French touch, electro and indie rock on their new album.

Digitalism has released a new album JPEG via Magnetism. One of the more unsung heroes of French touch / electro over the past decade, Digitalism have been really prolific over the past three years since 2016’s Mirage with a series of EPs and singles. Now they are back with another album that is up there with their best work yet.

The album feels like organized chaos, ping-ponging between French touch, electro and indie rock. It can sound a little discombobulated, but that may be the point. Their music has never fit into neat boxes and this is them exploring all of the avenues they traveled this decade.

The album opener sets the tone for the entire record, bridging shimmering synths with their distorted vocals and thumping bass, before getting into the speedy and fun “Panovision” that has some strong Empire Of The Sun vibes.

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“Olympia” delivers some floor-stomping filter house as the album really picks up.

“No Data” has a similar feel to their 2018 summer jam “Red Lights” with late 2000’s indie rock and a touch of hard electro. It feels like Phoenix and The Strokes came together for a French touch song. The album carries on with that same free spirit with some Kavinsky-esque electro on “Voltage.” Their quasi interlude “Data Gardens” takes you on a spacey, synth-heavy journey before finally settling down on “Speed Of Light” as the journey comes to a calm conclusion.

The album is a fun and exhilarating ride that takes many twists and turns, sometimes in directions you are not expecting. They explain that the title is JPEG because they paint with music. Expect a chaotic and beautiful piece of modern art to unfold before you. Stream the full thing below and get your copy here.

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